Meeting with Minister Hancock over broadband roll out

I had a meeting with Matt Hancock to draw his attention to some small business constituents who are finding it difficult or impossible to secure access to superfast br0adband at an affordable price. I also raised service quality issues for a range of constituents who do have superfast services but do not always find they offer the speed and capacity required.

The Minister said he as well aware of these issues which are common across the country. He is working on ways to expand coverage more rapidly and to ensure good quality service. He promised further initiatives to foster more and  better service. He also sought my views on how we should undertake the next stage, going from superfast to ultrafast which will require fibre into the home or office.

I will keep people posted with progress, and will continue to work with Superfast Berkshire who are responsible locally.


  1. Mike Marsh
    October 25, 2017

    For the love of God, stay away from it.
    Broadband is not a government responsibility, and due to the cutting edge, fast changing nature of the technology, it’s an area that is particularly vulnerable to state meddling.

    Just look at the debacle that is Australia’s NBN for a glimpse of the inevitable result.

  2. lojolondon
    October 26, 2017

    John, it is outrageous that the Government wants to blow £71 Billion (plus the rest) to fund HS2, but can’t find the few odd million that it would take to enable superfast broadband to the country. Another very good reason to Brexit.

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