Remembrance Day in Wokingham

This year there was no march to the Church given the disruption to the town centre owing to the building works and the replacement of road surfaces and pavements. Instead Councillors and representatives of the uniformed organisations made their own way to All Saints for a moving Remembrance service.

We returned to the Town Hall to lay wreaths before the list of names of the dead from the World wars and other conflicts. The service and ceremony were well attended.

I would like to thank the organisers and all who joined in to show how the community as whole remembers.

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  1. Dennis Zoff
    November 12, 2017


    What are your thoughts on PESCO?

    In my opinion, the UK should formally opt out of PESCO tomorrow. There is a real concern as to where this is leading and the possibility the EU could gain full control of the UK Armed Forces! Unfortunately, Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson is clearly a novice in these matters?

    Are you pushing to ensure the UK does not participate in this EU led maniacal project?

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