Universal credit to be improved

In the  Budget  the Chancellor announced:

  • the removal of the 7 waiting days before a claimant can apply for Universal Credit
  • significant improvements to the advance payments system – including increasing the amount available so someone can receive a full month’s claim within five days.
  • Any new Universal Credit claimant in receipt of Housing Benefit  will continue to receive it for two weeks.

These are welcome improvements to the system. I had made representations to Ministers along with others on how to make it easier for people first applying for Universal Credit, and am glad the government has listened and responded well.

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  1. Narrow Shoulders
    November 29, 2017

    If I could get on the benefits gravy train I would be able to collect £36K take home under universal credit if I stacked shelves for minimum wage in Sainsburys. It is admirable to top up salaries of the low paid but in the Socialist utopia you remove the incentive to move into more responsible positions.

    Had I known as a young man I could work fixed hours locally for enough money to raise my family of five through the benefits gravy train I would not have pursued a demanding career where the government takes a large portion of my income in tax. I would have settled for £36K take home (the equivalent of a taxed salary of £50K ) and avoided the hassle, health risks and responsibilities of senior management.

    I need money to survive not a job. Universal credit appears to fill that need.

    Unfortunately as a worker, I can not leave my job and ride that train.

    Benefits should not make it attractive to aim low. Why should I have to compete with recipients of my tax for housing stock and living expenses? All this without mentioning the draw for low skilled Eastern Europeans and asylum seekers.

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