Better train services

I held a meeting this week with the Rail delivery Group about how to expand capacity and improve services on the railways.

I was restating the case for digital signalling, which can lead to running more trains safely on the same track. It also could enable better and faster broadband on trains for those using smartphones and travelling computers.

I asked if they could consider running some faster trains on the Reading-Waterloo line that stopped at fewer intermediate stations, when they added capacity to the line. This might entail more passing places along the route.

I also raised again the issue of making better use of railway property and keeping it in good order. I also asked for good co-operation on providing more bridge capacity over the railway lines, as the major east-west rail routes in our area create a substantial barrier to north-south traffic.

They said there was work in progress on more digital signalling and possible joint ventures with broadband provision alongside rail track. They also agreed there were more opportunities to develop and use rail property.

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  1. Ilkin Jamalli
    December 4, 2017

    İ wish they freeze rail fairs at least even bring it down. Paying over £5K pay to travel on foot is not fair softly saying.

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