Good Christmas news for animals

I was delighted to see the government wants to improve the lot of young pets  by tightening controls on breeding and selling kittens and puppies.

The government wishes to ensure that all dog breeders are licensed and only sell animals they have bred themselves. They need to keep young dogs and cats with their mothers for at least eight weeks before sale. They plan a better clampdown on smuggling animals, and on breeding pets with genetic problems.  The law will be strengthened to offer more protection to the animals.

Like many of my constituents I want to see pets treated well, and to ensure they are bred and sold by decent local businesses that care about them. I have lobbied for higher standards and voted to end the use of tamed wild animals in the circus.


  1. Norman
    December 23, 2017

    I know a man who keeps wolves, but I don’t think he breeds them. They are in a secure enclosure, so Little RW&B Riding Hood is safe.
    Anyway, mongrels are best, as are most of the Rees-moggies – I trust these will be exempt!

  2. Epikouros
    December 24, 2017

    Another fine sentiment but legislation is not the answer as that only puts more power into the hands of those who use it in ways that were not envisaged and those it was aimed at to find ways to circumvent that law and put money into the pockets of those who will aid them to do so.

  3. lojolondon
    December 24, 2017

    John, I think this is just pre-Christmas window dressing. The government is ‘focused’ on a handful of breeders, but at the same time studiously ignoring what is by far the most terrible treatment of animals in the UK – unstunned slaughter.
    If anyone doubts the absolutely abhorrent inhumanity of unstunned slaughter, can I suggest a quick visit to YouTube would almost certainly convert you, be warned – the sight is shocking and sickening.
    Kosher and Halal slaughter has already been banned in Denmark, Switzerland and New Zealand, there can be no excuse for this ,,,,,,,,,,,, to continue in the UK.

    1. Ken Moore
      December 24, 2017

      Political correctness trumps animal welfare. The politicians are ‘frit’ when it comes to tackling barbaric halal practices. Importing too many people that only see animals as food, not pets, is a great way of driving standards down.

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