Visit to Unilink in Spencers Wood

I was invited to visit Acante Solutions, a member of theĀ Unilink Group, on the Heron Industrial Estate on Friday 5th January.

This local business has grown well over the 23 years since its foundation. It assembles kiosks and terminals that allow people an electronic means of ordering meals, managing payments and organising their time and visits. It has been adopted widely by the Prisons service but can also be used in other contexts like a student campus, an immigrationĀ and visa centreĀ or shopping centre.

The company has grown to employ 80 people, and exports to Australia and New Zealand where there are similar needs and systems. It is currently seeking 6 more people to help assemble the kiosks.


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  1. nigel seymour
    January 9, 2018

    A really good blog from John.

    So, Greening decided to resign or be sacked? Is being the sec of state for DWP really that bad a job? So, will she become a PM/Brexit backstabber and do her utmost to avoid Brexit?
    Me thinks she will (odds on) join the women’s thingy group of Morgan and Soubry and sit in the little corner of the house in line with the speaker…

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