The parole case

A number of constituents have written concerning the Parole Board’s decision in the Worboys case to express concern about his release. I have explained that Parliament too has expressed concern and has asked the government to reconsider.We have an independent Parole Board to make individual case decisions where Ministers do not intervene. Following the concerns expressed in the country and in Parliament we learn today that the government is seeing if there is any basis for them to intervene in this case through a Judicial Review. That will require evidence that the decision has not been properly made by the Board.


  1. Epikouros
    January 15, 2018

    This case not only highlights the problems with the criminal justice system(the CPS has been negligent or incompetent again as well. Why am I not surprised that Starmer MP had something to do with this.) but with government and and their agencies or that they have considerable control over. It points to little or no accountability and unacceptable opacity. The general public being kept in the dark by those who profess to be looking after our welfare on the basis that they know best and the public should not be trusted.

  2. Norman
    January 16, 2018

    Without referring specifically to this case (which I have not read up in detail), I’m afraid its an area where I do NOT trust ‘the public’. There are certain emotive areas or issues where trial by media, and mob justice takes over – this is a sad reflection on current trends in our increasingly rudderless society. Let Government ask questions, but otherwise stay out of it!

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