Transport of live animals

I attended a meeting to hear reports of problems for animal welfare through long distance lorry journeys. I am keen that Mr Gove should look into this and see what can be done to improve our law for animal welfare and ensure there is proper enforcement.

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  1. Norman
    January 30, 2018

    You already know my thoughts on this John, and I’m certainly in broad agreement. The laws are already in place, but even with the best enforcement, it’s still unnecessary, and certainly stressful, to keep food animals cooped up for hours on very long journeys, when they could be killed humanely in the UK and transported on the hook. This would also give us control of slaughter welfare standards – I wouldn’t like to vouch for what goes on in many a distant abattoir. I’m sure most farmers would agree we should do our best for the ongoing welfare of their animals, but they will also be wary of the over-reaction that characterizes some who are keen to exploit this and other emotive policy areas.

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