Visit of Jacob Rees Mogg to Wokingham

Wokingham Conservatives were pleased to have Jacob Rees Mogg as their speaker at a luncheon today in the constituency. 193 people came and heard Jacob set out how and why the UK should leave the Customs Union and single market as well as the EU, on 29 March 2019. Mr Rees Mogg said the main argument he used to persuade some Remain voters that Brexit is a good idea was to point out that he cannot as an MP take up and sort out many problems which fall under the powers of the EU, stifling democratic opportunity for change and improvement.


  1. Peter Wood
    February 10, 2018

    We need a new leader, perhaps Mr. Rees-Mogg is he.

    If I may paraphrase an earlier great English statesman, a Mr. William Pitt to Mr. Walpole,

    ‘Is this any longer a nation, shall we bear to hear of the expediency of receiving from ‘the EU’ an insecure, unsatisfactory, dishonourable Convention? It carried fallacy or downright subjection in almost every line.’

    Where is the William Pitt of our time?

  2. agricola
    February 10, 2018

    There has been a democratic deficit in the UK for far too long. I would like to see a parliamentary debate on the quite extraordinary “Transitional Arrangements in the Withdrawal Agreement.” and enjoy the spectacle of the Soubreys of your party defending it.

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