More new homes in Wokingham

IN the last quarter of 2017 556 new homes were finished in the Wokingham constituency, nine times the national average build rate. The annual total of new homes was 1227. This is a fast rate which requires substantial investment in new roads, schools and surgeries to keep up with demand. I am trying to persuade the government that this high build rate should mean no more planning permissions on appeal in places where the local plan does not provide for more housing, and shows that Wokingham is more than doing its bit to help with the national homes shortage.

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  1. alan jutson
    February 26, 2018

    I hope you succeed John, but I am afraid the real damage has already been done by Governments of all Colours past and present.

    There are now no green space breaks between Bracknell and Reading at all, even areas of flood plain have been developed, and whilst we have, or are having some new roads built/modified, it is far too little far to late to make any real difference to any ease of traffic movement.

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