Noisy planes

I have various complaints for the intense noise from low flying aircraft over last week-end across Berkshire. I have chased up the meeting I want with the Minister to press again on the government the need to do more to abate noise around Heathrow. If anyone has additional evidence or ideas they want put to the government please let me know over the next month.


  1. The Russians Did It
    March 15, 2018

    We have noisy planes from Heathrow in Surrey – overlapping with noisy planes from Gatwick – made much worse since 2013. If the government is serious then there are several ways to improve things:

    1.)Stop/alleviate the intense concentration of slight paths – air motorways that you have constructed over the top of people’s houses with no proper consultation. This became drastically worse in 2013 with the introduction of new technology. I can tell you that it’s a lot easier to tolerate one very noisy plane every 10 minutes than 11 slightly less noisy plane every minute.

    2.) The position of the Heathrow stack is a major problem and causes flights leaving Gatwick to stay artificially low to keep beneath the circling Heathrow planes. I’m also suspicious that part of the reason they stay low for longer now – is cost cutting on the part of the airlines (dressed up as green nonsense) – a more gradual ascent uses less fuel.

    3.) For the longer term – we need quieter planes. The government could encourage the development of new technology such as electric planes (I think Boeing has been making noises about this) or vertical take off (in this scenario you let the plane rise vertically to a much higher height before it leaves the airport perimeter); Harrier Jump Jets could do this to some extent decades ago – so with the right minds on the job, I see no reason why commercial airlines couldn’t develop this technology. In fact if they could, you wouldn’t be worrying about new runways all the time. Perhaps you might need some kind of international agreement to make this happen, but it would be a major benefit to many people blighted by noise.

  2. Tom
    March 17, 2018

    Suggestions – Earplugs or headphones perhaps? Any government solution probably will not happen – and certainly not for ages.

  3. Claire
    March 20, 2018

    It’s the concentrated lines of planes which we never had a few years ago – plane after plan overhead in the exact spot. 4.30am on easterly arrivals this dreadful noise starts, 12 planes in the space of 25 minutes. You can see on the radar tracker these planes are deliberately being bought over in single file when they were heading to Heathrow directly in the first instance and left on that heading would had evenly distributed noise as before a few years ago – there are no planes infront this early so why do this without any consideration to the impact . It’s a disgrace !

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