Meeting with Local Government Minister

I attended a meeting between Wokingham Council and the local government Minister earlier this week to put the case against negative grant and to argue for a better financial settlement for Wokingham and similar placed Councils at the bottom end of the grant lists. The government is currently consulting on these matters, and will publish its conclusions later this year.

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  1. NHSGP
    March 16, 2018

    1, Abolish council tax.

    2. Abolish rates.

    Instead put a proportion of corporation tax and income tax into a pot.

    That removes large amounts of admin, making people criminals etc.

    Then each council gets a per capital allowance.

    1. If the council wants to do more, it has to do it better.

    2. Rich councils subsidies the poor.

    3. Companies aren’t taxed when the make no profits.

    4. People aren’t taxed when they don’t earn much

    5. If the economy goes so bad, councils can not screw others.

    6. If councils cock up, for example, like yours and its pension fund deficit of £1.56 billion, then there needs to be skin in the game. Council workers have to take massive hits. They ran the scheme.

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