Grazeley development

The Councils’ bid for infrastructure money to permit a substantial new settlement at Grazeley has made it to the list for further work  by the government. The bid for more than £300 m is to provide improved transport links, schools and other public facilities that would be needed if 15000 extra homes are to  be built there.

I have always made clear that before I could support such large development at Grazeley I would need to see there was sufficient money to put in good public facilities, and would want assurances that Wokingham would not also face further large scale development elsewhere in the Borough at the same time. I also wish to hear local views on the Council proposals.

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  1. Local Resident
    March 25, 2018

    The name given to this suggested development Grazeley Gardens is rather at odds with the number of houses being considered!!!
    It is a huge development!!
    Having seen how the very pretty villages of Shinfield/Three Mile Cross/Spencers Wood have now merged into one, and lost much of its greenery, and just gained more traffic, it is a very difficult for me to be positive about this!
    Also I did read that, Grazeley was “saved ” from developments in the past because of being near the ROF site, and concerns about safety/and keeping the M4 as a barrier to more development, which now seems to be forgotten!!!
    Another concern, is that all three local councils have well publicised issues of budget cuts, why oh why then are we required to build yet more houses, when Reading , West Berks and Wokingham are struggling to look after the residents they have?!!!!!!
    Sadly too I think we all need magic wands & flying carpets with the traffic!!!!

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