Grazeley and housing numbers

One of the issues I am pursuing with the government is the question of how many extra houses we are going to need in the next local plan period. As the government has promised to cut net inward migration, and will have the powers to do so once we have left the EU, I am asking them to revise their future projections. The Housing Minister is currently looking into this issue.

Meanwhile the Council has recalculated its current figure for housing need and discovered it should be lower than the figure they have been using. This is helpful progress. It is most important we do not exaggerate the need or place unreasonable stress on our infrastructure and countryside. There are plenty of housing permissions to build outstanding to meet any sensible view of need for the current plan period. Grazeley and the other options being examined relate to the period of the next local plan which has still to be determined.


  1. Epikouros
    March 30, 2018

    Why does the government not calculate the number of tins of baked beans or the number of motor vehicles that should be produced and the same with numerous other commodities? The answer is simple it is because they would be no good at doing so and we have the marketplace which has proven that it is extremely good at efficiently and cost effectively supplying demand for products and services. So why are they deciding how many and what type of houses should be built? The answer to that is simple also it is because they interfered in the housing market making it dysfunctional and now they are having to try and clean up the mess that they have caused and failing miserably in that as well.

  2. Narrow Shoulders
    March 30, 2018

    Unless we plan on sending back those who are already here the backlog in house building to cover the existing shortfall requires government to build more houses and infrastructure unless immigration is cut more substantially than it will be cut.

    Your constituents like many others already will have to put aside their nimbyism.

    They did vote to remain as I recall so they reap as they sew.

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