Visit to Baylab

I went to see Baylab, a schools initiative run by Bayer at their Green Park headquarters. The pharmaceutical and agrichemicals business provides up to a day of practical science for schoolchildren and six form students from local schools and Colleges. The participants undertake practical exercises to find out about issues like the role of bees, DNA, enzymes, forensics and cosmetic chemistry. This is a free lab service with workshops geared to the National Curriculum offered to groups from schools.

I thanked the team there for showing me round and for helping encourage young people to study more science and to find it rewarding and interesting.


  1. Adam
    April 7, 2018

    A splendid undertaking. Good work all round to everyone involved.

  2. Fairweather
    April 7, 2018

    A wonderful enterprise
    I worked for Bayer for 20 years and will endorse the company as being one of the best to work for. Also their research is second to none. Developed Prontosil, the first antibiotic in 1932 with Gerhard Domagk getting a Nobel prize to say nothing of Asprin……
    The Prontosil story and Domagk is very interesting,John if you want to look it up
    I had redundancy and early retirement with a very good package
    I hope this exonerates them from the awful events prior and during WW2, but I don’t think they had any choice

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