Government promises increase in per pupil funding

In today’s debate on money for schools the Secretary of State promised minimum per pupil amounts for every school under his new formula. I pointed out that this year some schools in Wokingham are still below the minimum thresholds he is proposing, and urged him to speed up the adjustment of  cash for them.


  1. alan jutson
    April 25, 2018

    Let us hope notice is taken of your comments and action is swift for too long Wokingham has been in the poor house when Government money funding is concerned.

  2. Andrew Smith
    April 26, 2018

    How odd then that this ‘PROMISE’ is not one that Damian Hinds is willing to stake his job on. When pushed on this guarantee, yesterday he pointedly refused to stake his position as Education Secretary on the promise being kept and instead palmed the (likely) actual REDUCTION in spending back on the local authorities. Moreover, you sir have done NOTHING yourself to guarantee that the schools in Wokingham do not get a further reduction in funding and as for this ‘urging’ of yours to speed this non existent process up, well thanks for nothing Mr Redwood, as usual.

    Reply I gave done a great deal to secure more money and we are getting more money for our schools.

  3. Gerald de la Pascua
    April 26, 2018

    Thanks John,
    We are lucky to have good schools in Wokingham, but they are really struggling, although overall funding has been going up, funding per pupil has fallen, for a school which is full, like most of the good schools in wokingham (except perhaps the new ones), this amounts to budget cuts. Given the shortage of places, perhaps a compromise would be to increase maximum class sizes by one or two pupils to sustain funding ? this would also reduce the need to build more schools in the short term.

  4. Narrow Shoulders
    April 26, 2018

    Is this extra money or will they adjust the unfair deprivation and EAL awards?

    What of the even more unfair pupil premium?

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