An alternative to the Communist party Manifesto

  1. Everyone one an owner – widen ownership of property and shares
  2. Lower rates of tax to encourage work and reward employees
  3. Breaking up state ownership and returning it to families – sale of Council houses and sales of shares in state enterprises
  4. Encouraging individual ension savings, backed by a system of National Insurance
  5. Abolition of exchange controls and conduct of a supportive money policy, with competing commercial  banks
  6. Denationalisation and promotion of competition in industry
  7. Introducing  broader freer markets to allow choice and fair exchange. Encourage easy small business formation.
  8. Attack high state debt levels through debt reduction and debt swap programmes
  9. Define the state’s role in providing for law and order, welfare and defence
  10. Free education and health care for all

This was the outline of my Popular Capitalist Manifesto. It was taken up by some of the Eastern European countries when they broke from the Soviet Union, and was translated for re publication.

It appears we need to win these arguments all over again given the relentless drift of the Labour party towards nationalisation, punitive taxation and a dislike of ownership and choice.


  1. Lifelogic
    May 7, 2018

    Far lower and far simpler rates of tax, this would grow the tax base hugely. Easy hire and fire would create more jobs too and kill some parasitic HR “expert” and legal jobs. So they can get a productive job instead.

    We particularly need freer markets in education, banking and health. The current tax and then “free at the point of use” creates appalling virtual state monopolies and kills off nearly all competition.

    We need freedom to choose not taxed then given that the government deems appropriate when and if they feel like it.

    We all so need a bonfire of red tape and a huge reduction in the size of the largely unproductive state sector. There are many in the private sector who are unproductive due to endless daft laws and red tape. Release them all to do something useful.

    Alas from May and Hammond we get the direct opposite and the highest most complex taxes for 40 years. It did not work well back then either.

    To make your own provision for health care you have to pay four times. Once for other in tax, then tax & NI on you salary to pay the insurance premium and them Hammonds 12% IPT tax on top. So most have to rely on the dire, incompetent and rationed NHS and bog standard schools.

    Circa 240 deaths just from incompetent breast screening alone. Even after they discovered the problem they took a year to announce it and perhaps another year to catch up the backlog, so perhaps another 50 deaths?

    A price worth paying I suppose is what politicians think!

    1. Hope
      May 7, 2018

      Punitive taxation, dislike of ownership and choice. This is the Tory party as well! Moreover telling us what we can eat, what we can say, be careful over every word or it could be hate crime. Come on JR, this is May’s cultural Marxism. No need to label Labour extreme left bully boy thuggery under Corbyn and his Momentum supporters. May is willingly following him about two feet behind!

      When are you going to oust May who has done everything to keep the door open to remain in the EU while pretending/ feigning upset if she loses a vote. She is working in concert with the EU and remainers. She has broken her red lines, broken all substantive points in key, note speeches, she has given away our territorial waters and fishing stocks after leave, she was even going to give away N Ireland! She claimed no deal better than a bad deal and then in her Mansion speech says she will not walk away or resort to WTO rules! This is a very bad deal to date. Leaving the EU is not centre or focal point about trade, you have let her and the remainers use this as an excuse to change our minds.

      What has she done to those MP and ministers accept I got gains govt policy and manifesto? Nothing. What has she done to e Lords in your party? Nothing. She kisses the cheek of the man who makes threats to our country!
      We do not need a punishment extension, we do not need a deal at this very hig price. Arlene Foster to be part of the negotiation talks from now on or Walk away.

  2. Mark B
    May 7, 2018

    Good morning

    Sounds like the foundations for a Conservative party.

    I take issue with items 8 and 9.

    What are debt swap programs ? If this a means of dumping debt onto me then stuff it ! I am not paying for government largess.

    But education and healthcare are not FREE. They maybe FREE at the point of service but, are not FREE to those that pay for it whether we use it or not.

    A privately owned property is more likely to be maintained and have money spent on it wisely than one that is under State control. Less money in my pocket is less money in the wider economy.

    1. Derek Henry
      May 7, 2018

      Your taxes don’t pay for the NHS Mark. Never have since we have left the gold standard.

      You should really spend some time studying the accounting between HM Treasury and the BOE.

      Government spending creates broad money taxes destroy broad money to help control inflation.

      The conservative party should come out and say we don’t need your taxes in order to spend and then cut them.

      High taxes cause unemployment. They fund nothing.

      1. libertarian
        May 8, 2018

        Derek Henry

        Then you will need to explain how come we have very high taxation and nearly full employment

  3. Anonymous
    May 7, 2018

    Then please tell that to your cabinet.

    The proposed dementia tax against silver strivers is communism.

    They already pay the most punitive and cruel dementia tax that there is. After years of care for parents dementia can take hold and become too much for relatives to cope with. They then go to a home, which none of us mind paying for.

    What we do resent, however, is that the fees are doubled in order that those without funds are subsidised by those who did manage to accumulate wealth – by effort, by luck, by guile… in a truly conservative society it is not for the state to judge or stick its nose into things.

    And what of mass immigration ? Wasn’t this essential because we needed more taxpayers and NHS staff ?

    If so then where are they and where is the money ? By now we should be cruising it. Talking of cruising (Andy) the SAGA generation was the war baby generation. I’m a so called boomer but instead of cruising I’m crushed between looking after elderly parents and paying for my adult children in full time (long term) education (studying in the NHS as it happens.) My pension lump sum will go to my children to help them pay for housing – not on my well being as I had planned.

    1. Anonymous
      May 7, 2018

      The Tory Party no longer believes in self sufficiency and punishes those who strive to look after themselves.

      It has lost its original USP. Its new USP is to keep Corbyn out and that’s about it.

      1. Hope
        May 7, 2018

        Tories also make you sell your home for adult care while your social housing neighbour pays nothing all his life while you struggle with your our mortgage and you end up at the same care home you pay he does not. That is worse than communism. This is the actual position under the Tory govt and their broken promises.

    2. NHSGP
      May 7, 2018

      How does importing more poor people help the UK?

      1. Hope
        May 7, 2018

        May has agreed to pay welfare for children not living here and even they are not born after we leave the EU! Worse than communism as it is from our taxes while she claims adult social care cannot be afforded!

      2. lojolondon
        May 7, 2018

        It helps provide slaves for rich people – like taxi drivers, plumbers and childcare workers. The fact that these people arrive with no assets and get to claim state-provided housing, healthcare, schooling and other benefits will immediately explain that this is very, very bad deal for poor British people.
        It is a testament to the very highest standards of state-sponsored propaganda that the poorest people in Britain still vote for the party that most supports the floods of immigration, which is probably the worst thing that has ever happened to them.

        1. anon
          May 7, 2018

          Whether they have assets or not? How does the UK check?
          I bet it only checks UK side of the fence if at all.

          We should insist this check is done by the 3rd party country before benefits are provided?

    3. Adam
      May 7, 2018


      Your describe unfairness against the ‘silver strivers’. The State attempts to be kind to those in need, but acts clumsily.

      A Jack-the-Lad might blow all his assets on wine, women, wacky baccy & worse, with £80,000 in gambling debts, & fast cars hitting his health hard at 50 in a built-up area.

      The State provides Jack with ‘free’ nursing care.

      A Jill-the-Lady might have worked as conscientiously as she could throughout her cottage life, doing nothing more dangerous than feeding her cat. She might have saved £80,000 via her frugal lifestyle, before needing care at age 80.

      The State says Jill must use her own £80,000 to pay for herself, & Jack!

  4. David Cockburn
    May 7, 2018

    That’s a lot better than Marx’ effort.
    I particularly like your emphasis on families which has been a missing focus of government for many decades.

  5. AtlanticSpan
    May 7, 2018

    Don’t you think we have more pressing arguments to be won at the moment Mr Redwood?

    1. Denis Cooper
      May 7, 2018


      As part of my small efforts in that direction, here is a letter I have sent to my local newspaper, which happens to be that for Theresa May’s constituency.

      “Dear Sir

      I was staggered to read this in a Sunday newspaper, referring to Theresa May’s preferred plan for a crazy “customs partnership” with the EU:

      “Mrs May’s No 10 Brexit adviser, Olly Robbins, has told her that the ‘partnership’ is the only idea which will allow the UK to cut new trade deals while avoiding the need for a hard border in Ireland …”

      I suggest Mrs May should get herself a new Brexit adviser who will not talk such nonsense.

      At present the UK collects the EU’s customs dues on imports into the UK – we are allowed to keep 20% to cover our collection costs – which makes sense while we are in the EU. But Mr Robbins wants us to carry on doing it forever, almost as though we were not leaving the EU. It truly is a crazy scheme, as the EU itself has already said.

      Moreover it is not the only idea for avoiding a so-called “hard border” in Ireland; in fact by itself it would not even achieve that end.

      Here is a simple alternative idea, which unlike Mrs May’s preferred scheme would not require years for its complex implementation. Just make a declaration along these lines:

      “For our part we will do nothing new at the Irish border for the foreseeable future. The present free flow of goods and people can continue exactly as now.

      If there are UK tariffs to be levied on the imports we will do that away from the border, and if that leads to some evasion we will accept that minor financial loss.

      If the EU is worried that the open border may become a back door for contraband to enter its Single Market then we pledge to take all effective legal and practical measures to help minimise that problem for them, continuing with the existing full and sincere co-operation we already have with the EU and Irish customs authorities.

      What the EU and Irish authorities do on their side of the border will be entirely up to them.”

      Yours etc”

      1. Dave Andrews
        May 7, 2018

        What is needed on the Irish border is a fudge.

        Many suggestions to avoid a “hard border” have been advanced, none of which ostensibly solve the problem, but one or other in part may be adopted.

        What we will certainly get is a fudge.

        Exactly what we need.

        1. Denis Cooper
          May 7, 2018

          What is needed is mutual a) respect b) trust and c) communication.

          Respect so that on the one hand the EU does not make an absurd and insulting demand that the UK should remain subject to EU law when it is no longer in the EU, and on the other hand that the UK will publicly recognise that the EU has a genuine legitimate interest in preventing goods which it regards as contraband – goods which are either entirely prohibited, or which have evaded duties or taxes – leaking across its borders with the UK into free circulation within its EU Single Market.

          Trust that if the UK says that it will help the EU protect the integrity of its Single Market then it means that and will not instead turn a blind eye to criminals smuggling contraband goods into the Irish Republic across the border.

          Constant and free communication between the authorities on both sides to uphold the agreement and defeat the criminals.

      2. Bob
        May 7, 2018

        @Denis Cooper

        “I suggest Mrs May should get herself a new Brexit adviser…”

        Perhaps the Tory Party should get themselves a leader who believes in conservative principles.

        1. JoolsB
          May 7, 2018

          “Perhaps the Tory Party should get themselves a leader who believes in conservative principles.”

          Not just May. We need a party that are actually Conservatives instead of the nanny state tax and spend socialists that are masquerading as Conservatives.

      3. Man of Kent
        May 7, 2018

        Am in Dublin at the moment and have been arguing this line for some time.
        You have spelt out the solution very clearly .
        Thank you !

  6. Horatio McSherry
    May 7, 2018

    “The relentless drift of the Labour party towards nationalisation, punitive taxation and a dislike of ownership and choice”.

    To be honest, that sounds like the Conservative part of the last eight years. And I can’t be voting for that.

    1. Timaction
      May 7, 2018

      Indeed! The popular phrase at the moment is”Conservative in name only”.(CINO’s)! Soubery, Clarke, Rudd, May and the rest of the socialist federalist remoaners!

  7. David D
    May 7, 2018

    How about this manifesto.
    1. Set the goal of removing state control of the economy.
    2. Shrink the public sector by 90%.
    3. Enforce international law and prosecute western leaders for their many war crimes.
    4. Break up big banks and remove the ridiculously difficult barriers for new banks to start up.
    5. End fractional reserve banking (which allows governments to grow and wage war whilst robbing ordinary people).
    6. Remove limited liability for share holders and directors. (Corporations would be a lot less criminal very quickly).
    7. Watch all the terrified sheeple screaming at the thought that they can no longer rely on government to do their thinking and pay their wages. Actual personal responsibility and productive work would be a savage shock to millions in this and most other countries. Politicians and bureaucrats would actually have to produce something of value for, possibly, the first time in their lives.

    1. Derek Henry
      May 7, 2018

      You would be wiped out !

      Copy Trump if you want to win by a landslide.

      Unprecedented government spending with unprecedented tax cuts.

      Easy win.

  8. Epíkouros
    May 7, 2018

    A manifestos that is better than the left would ever produce and some lefties may even like it a bit as you are still wedded to neoliberalism. That would be fine if you were promulgating adoption of classical liberalism but you are not you are talking in terms of the modern type. A type that is in reality is not much about respecting individual rights and freedom but more about subjugating them to the power of the state. In fact your manifesto is a mixture of free market capitalism the best bits and socialism the worst bits. I go along with 1, 2, 3, partly 4 the encouragement pension savings but not the imposition of national insurance. The individual should be responsible for their own well being not the state. For all the rest I accept except I have reservations about 10 as I am against public provisions and funding. If you advocated private provision and funding for education and all other things that government have their ham fists into I would agree with the exception that some assistance in funding for the small number of genuine hardship cases should be allowed out of the public purse.

    Your manifestos leaves out another important requirement. In that it does not mention reducing the size and scope of the state and the rolling back of the many draconian laws, rules and regulations that it has introduced over the decades. At behest of the ill informed and self interest groups that so blight our society with their unnecessary restrictions and prohibitions. Your rightly call for Brexit for that purpose but need to advocate going further and attack the same practices that are in widespread use domestically.

    1. Timaction
      May 7, 2018

      Moreover a politically correct left wing dogma with equality laws to thwart freespeech and suppress the English whilst encouraging foreign cultures and practices making two separate standards and laws. Sharia law? Really?

  9. Peter Martin
    May 7, 2018

    “4. Encouraging individual pension savings”

    “8. Attack high state debt levels ”

    Isn’t there some inconsistency here? If an individual saves for their own pension, then either indirectly or directly, there will have to be, penny for penny, an increase in the level of state debt. In other words they’ll have to buy National Savings Certificates, Premium Bonds, ‘Granny bonds’ etc. Or if they do it through a third party, they will buy Gilts or other Govt stock.

    Another way to look at Government Debt is to say that someone else owns it. Government Debts are their savings.

    Reply There are plenty of other investments for pension funds than UK state debt, and there is still plenty of that around anyway

    1. Derek Henry
      May 7, 2018

      Reply There are plenty of other investments for pension funds than UK state debt, and there is still plenty of that around anyway

      But you still want to destroy other types of ” saving ”

      Public debt is not the problem private sebt is.

    2. Peter Martin
      May 7, 2018

      That’s true if UK pension funds bought up US Federal debt in dollars or Euro using countries’ state debt in euros. But, equally, their pension funds can buy UK state debt in pounds.

      However you shuffle the arguments it all comes down to the straightforward observation that the UK state debt (in pounds) is exactly equal to everyone else’s savings or assets (in pounds).

  10. duncan
    May 7, 2018

    You focus far too much on the physical nature of Marxism. At its heart Marxism is a political philosophy whose fundamental aim is nothing less than the total absorption and ‘destruction’ of the free living, free thinking individual.

    We are all cognisant of the popular tenets of Communism being, the elimination of private property rights and the criminalisation of the profit motive but Marxism is much more than this. It is more about the nature of the human soul. It is to infect, redesign and remodelled the nature of humanity using imagery, words, propaganda and the remodelling of our physical construct in which we live our world

    Propaganda is the essential and indispensable tool of the Marxist. Its purpose is to intervene between how we see the real world and how the Marxist want us to see the real world. It is to place a prism between the real and our perception of that real world. The aim is to create a vision that can be planted and then tweaked to maintain the state’s grip on our actions and behaviour

    The Catholic Church and its assertion that the earth was at the centre of the universe is an example of such mind-control.

    For the Marxist human beings are little more than political capital to be harvested. They have no respect for morality, dignity and the private person. The State is all and everything and your loyalty is to it and not yourself

    It is fascism of the left

    The Labour party died in the early 1970’s when it came under attack by the hard left who sought to take it over and replace its moral soul with a political heart. Political victory was now the only criteria for action

    Kim Philby (the famous Marxist double agent) once famously quoted and I paraphrase it here:

    ‘I am two people. A private person and a political one. When the two clash the political person always wins’….

    Philby is a classic case of Marxist indoctrination but Marxists must target young minds to succeed in their pernicious plan to convert and warp. This probably explains Labour’s desire to reduce the voting age to 16 years though I suspect if they ever gain power it will come down to 14 years

    Labour is a ……. party with no moral dimension, no soul and a rejection of a person’s free-will and liberty.

  11. Bryan Harris
    May 7, 2018

    A fair response JR, but with hindsight 1 & 2 can be improved on.
    -Ownership should be a right, not just home, but their lives, their children and everything related to how they live, and if they want to live in a shack in a wood, then so be it.
    People do not have to live in towns.
    -Not just lower taxation – we want a totally fair one, that is easy to understand.
    Personal taxation should be abolished – so No income tax, this would be paid as an employee tax by companies.
    Taxation doesn’t need to be as personal as it is, and should be almost invisible to the individual. The cost of basic survival items should not be made more expensive by taxing them.

    1. Bob
      May 7, 2018

      @Bryan Harris

      “No income tax, this would be paid as an employee tax by companies.”

      Who would this benefit and how?

  12. Newmania
    May 7, 2018

    “If wishes were fishes”.
    Marxism eh …well in theory Redwood opposes it, in practice both always depend on Nationalist aggression no matter how poor it makes us.
    We are in the midst of the most illiberal protectionist government of my lifetime which has allowed debts to balloon and promised every post-industrial wasteland that the government can solve its problems . It’s called” delivering on the promise of Brexit” . Pensions have entirely disappeared from the private sector, property ownership is becoming a rarity and education has been subjected to especially vicious cuts.
    Not doing well are we?
    Laissez Faire Victorian Nationalists are a contemporary oddity, like the established church but Brexit was delivered by scapegoating Johny Foreigner and promising to look after ” The People” , it is by nature collectivist authoritarian and deceitful .
    Brexit greatest friend is , of course Corbyn , but we are past peak Corbyn and the surge in Liberal support gives me hope that Enoch Powell and Toney Benn , will not chuckle in their graves for long.

    How long before we move from “Its nothing to do with Brexit” to ” If we had to do Brexit my way” and finally , “We were stabbed in the back by remain”

    Reply A good shortage of facts here. Still plenty of private property, pensions savings and increases in spending on education.

    1. Newmania
      May 7, 2018

      Per pupil cuts, the reality of which has created the Save Our Schools campaign ( SOS). I find the loss of help for struggling children especially dispiriting when so much money is being wasted on Brexit

      1. Edward2
        May 7, 2018

        Should it cost greatly more to have 30 in a class rather than 27?
        Marginally more perhaps.
        That’s why the per pupil figure is a strange way of arguing about funding.
        The fixed assets…buildings outside areas teachers etc are already paid for.
        A few more pupils in a school costs very little extra.

    2. libertarian
      May 8, 2018


      I spend a huge amount of time in schools , over 20 so far this year delivering programmes on the world of work. I have seen no evidence at all of a lack of funds in schools

      I know you dont do facts but here is the latest ONS report

      Last year the Collective profits of UK firms hit record high
      Profits among FTSE 350 increase by 158%
      Sales among FTSE 350 hit three year high, growing by 21%
      70% of companies had higher profits
      Four fifths of sectors saw higher profits
      Helal Miah, investment analyst at The Share Centre, says: “UK plc has delivered the strongest set of results in years, extending a period of growth not seen since the recovery in the immediate aftermath of the recession and financial crisis”

  13. Peter
    May 7, 2018

    Well I agree with point number 10. I hope Mr. Hunt does too.

  14. Peter
    May 7, 2018

    Wider ownership of property seems to be an impossible dream now for many youngsters thanks to rampant house price inflation. Point number one.

    1. Bob
      May 7, 2018

      The govt opens the door to mass immigration and makes it a govt obligation to provide housing to anyone who needs it…demand outstrips supply, prices rise.

      Supply and demand in a nutshell.

  15. NHSGP
    May 7, 2018

    Pensions are debts.

    The idea of the Tories that you make people richer by taking their money and giving it to someone else doesn’t work.

    That you persist with the state pension ponzi shows you are no different from the Marxists.

    Given people the right of consent. They are allowed to opt out of the state’s scams with no threats of violence.

    1. Derek Henry
      May 7, 2018

      Your right.

      I can’t believe that a Conservative party keeps want to destroy peoples savings by always attackin public debt. It is the private debt that is the problem.

      John has always been a supporter of banks.

    2. Anonymous
      May 7, 2018

      Aren’t I owed for the collossal amount of NI I have paid ?

  16. Peter
    May 7, 2018

    Corporation tax also needs to be collected from large global corporations. Avoidance is too easy. Point two.

    National Insurance should not be used to mask deductions from an individual’s pay packet and allow governments to claim they have low income tax. There is a case for combining income tax and national insurance as one deduction.

  17. Peter
    May 7, 2018

    Denationalisation did not work well for the rail industry. Some things are better under public ownership.

    No trains serving Gatwick Airport yesterday on a Bank Holiday!

  18. Norman
    May 7, 2018

    But is there a need to re-prime the system, as there are now so many caught in a relative poverty trap, with gave political portent?
    Are you familiar with the work of Sir Clive Cowdery’s Resolution Foundation, now headed up by former Conservative MP David Willetts as Executive Chairman? Their stated aim is to improve the standard of living of low- and middle-income families.” I don’t know much about their work, but happened to know Sir Clive as a boy – his life’s story is truly remarkable.

    1. Norman
      May 7, 2018

      ‘grrave political portent’

  19. Andy
    May 7, 2018

    I note today’s Telegraph has a story about ‘silver-strivers’ – those who work beyond pension age who currently are exempt from paying National Insurance.

    Mrs May, rightly, thinks this is unfair and suggests they should pay NICS too. Sure, a lot of low paid workers carry on after the age of 65.

    So do a lot of high-paid workers. There are MPs on the Tory and Labour backbenches who are decades beyond retirement age. They have been subsidised by us again.

    Time to put an age and term limit on Parliament – two terms, enforced retirement at 70. No it’s, no buts.

    Reply a 2 term limit would remove a lot of experience of government from the Commons

    1. Edward2
      May 7, 2018

      Compulsory retirement is an abuse of human rights.

  20. charlesD
    May 7, 2018

    I don’t know what to say when i read this diary piece today- No Comment

  21. Peter
    May 7, 2018

    Point 8. Private Finance Initiatives have added greatly to public debt – but it was a clever way to massage the numbers and make them look better than they were.

    Thanks John Major.

  22. Derek Henry
    May 7, 2018

    It appears we need to win these arguments all over again

    Because it didn’t work John in many cases. liberalised markets, liberalised finance, Liberalised wages, liberalised rights, liberalised trade, liberalised fiscal policy, liberlised monetary policy, liberalised central banks. left the masses disenfranchised, marginalised, impoverished, and dispossessed.

    It destroyed our productvity to a snails pace and economic rent seeking is out of control.

    There’s nothing in your manifesto that says how to rein in capital if it gets out of control and it has been out of control for at least the last decade and your manifesto is encouraging it.

    Public debt is not a problem private debt is. If you think Corbyn’s manifesto is communist you’ve alreat lost the next heneral election. You’ve failed to see just how right the middle ground has moved over the last 40 years. The voters recognise this hence the rise of populism.

    1. Edward2
      May 7, 2018

      I must have missed all this liberalisation.
      The last 25 years has seen the biggest increase in regulations rules directives and new laws which negatively affect all people trying to earn a living from the single self employed person to the owner of an SME.
      We have become less liberalised.

    2. libertarian
      May 8, 2018

      Derek Henry

      You keep telling us private debt is the problem, but you’ve not said why, or provided a shred of evidence. I must of missed the liberalisation of markets because in businesses it certainly hasn’t happened

  23. The Prangwizard
    May 7, 2018

    Freedom of association and supremacy of laws of private contract.

  24. Narrow Shoulders
    May 7, 2018

    In order to achieve 1 there needs to be protections in place otherwise asset inflation just makes the rich richer.

    Those could be supply protections where there is always more supply than demand or demand protections which limit the population requiring assets or limit the number of assets owned.
    Either way government should set the framework and then get out of the way.

  25. duncan
    May 7, 2018

    I know something. If this hideous, grotesque PM and her pro-EU allies in my party namely Clark, Rudd and Soubry halt our exit from the EU and it appears they might be able too then I for one will never vote Tory again

    (false allegation removed ed) and you and your fellow pro-May supporters in the party I voted for all my life will be responsible for destroying Brexit

  26. Derek Henry
    May 7, 2018

    No talk of immigration in your manifesto ?

    Reintroducing a work visa system that is on same lines as every other civilised advanced nation outside the EU, solves that problem.

    Then only higher waged, higher skilled individuals come into the country from all over the world, but they compete with a different class of people and compete less because they are in areas with genuine skill shortage.

    From the point of view of the sub-median wage earner, immigration has ended. So they are happy.

    And importantly you need to send out higher skilled individuals from this country to the rest of the world to balance those you take in. Otherwise you are stealing skills from other nations which they need to develop internally That is a ‘beggar-thy-neighbour’ attitude and morally unacceptable. Immigration should be more of an informal exchange process than a capitalist ‘free market’.

  27. agricola
    May 7, 2018

    I want a country that is self sufficient in terms of defence. Being dependant on the navies of Europe to protect our two aircraft carriers is unacceptable. Can you imagine any European nation rushing to the Falklands to protect our carriers. Remember the collapse of Belgium and France in 1940 and pay heed.

    A police force that cannot prevent knife crime, gun crime, and even declines to visit after a burglary is next to useless. There has been too much political correctness and not enough thief taking thanks to the Bramshill doctrine.

    Welfare for those who really need it, but nothing for the congenitally feckless.

    Before everyone becomes an owner, government needs to make it possible. As long as immigration exceeds house building you will get nowhere.

    Yes low taxes for individuals and start up businesses, but a turnover tax for all companies trading in the UK but incorporated off shore.

    At current interest rates, pensions are a none starter. Forget them and invest in assets.

    De-nationalisation is no complete answer to reducing the burden on the state or providing competitive services. Power is a good case in point.

    Free education and health care yes, but neither have to be provided by a state monopoly.

    Once Brexit is yesterdays chip paper I want to see some really radical thinking from your conservative government. If it is not forthcoming there will be nothing to choose between you, the lib/dems and the Blairites. The only no no will be toxic Corbyn.

  28. Cyclist
    May 7, 2018

    The governments and powers-that-be in pre-Eastern Bloc communist countries asked for it. Not for socialism, but for being deposed root and branch.

    Orwellian style, the farmer Mr Jones in a revolution was replaced by himself in another form. Then he himself was replaced about the time of the dismantling of the Berlin Wall with yet another incarnation of farmer Mr Jones..Well he will be deposed because he is asking for it…just as the others were.
    Some nations are incapable of governing themselves decently in the medium to long term. Most of Europe! They publicly burn political manifestos which they once held dear in a 50 to 100 year cycle.

  29. English Pensioner
    May 7, 2018

    I’d amend item 10 to read:
    Free education and health care for al CITIZENS

    1. Peter
      May 7, 2018

      Agreed. No health tourists. No ID or appropriate insurance means no treatment.

      No asylum seekers either. It is now an outmoded Victorian concept that is neither desirable or affordable.

  30. Adam
    May 7, 2018

    Your Popular Capitalist Manifesto was far-sighted, activating dynamics for good.

    Perfection is a moving target, & needs constant maintenance.

    Those who seek success & harmony, should review progress & performance against the 10 Manifesto points frequently, to keep Labour deviance in check.

  31. Iain Gill
    May 7, 2018

    “Free education and health care for all”… doesnt not say provision should be dominated by state providers, with minimal competition, and services rationed and allocated and the end consumers having no choice in many cases….

    NHS and state schools are exactly the communist approach, and the lack of consumer choice, competition, etc will always lead to failure. Far better that a state backed insurance company pays out according to need, but citizens pay via taxes according to ability, but the end consumer should get full control of where to spend their payout. Get the state out of owning and providing healthcare and school providers.

    Indeed handing more power to individual citizens and away from the state should be a core Conservative value, it is exactly that which won votes in the case of selling council houses to tenants etc.

  32. Martin
    May 7, 2018

    What about abolishing the Corn Laws?

    Why is the UK keeping the Common Agricultural Policy (other than re-branding)?

    A case of Brexit means keeping the worst part of the EU?

  33. mancunius
    May 7, 2018

    Re JR’s No. 4:
    “Encouraging individual pension savings, backed by a system of National Insurance”
    I would add “also recognizing that pensioners, who have already more than fully earned their state and private pensions with decades of contributions, should not then be penalised in old age with demands for still more NIC for additional earnings – i.e. taxed for further pensions contributions for which they will never receive any benefits. It is enough that they pay full income tax on their additional earnings.”
    All that these No. 10 Red-Tory income redistribution schemes achieve, is simply to eradicate the core Tory vote, and to demotivate younger generations from saving and investing – why should they, if their assets and property are to be handed over to those who have never bothered to save a penny towards their old age?
    May poorly-advised, yet again.

  34. margaret
    May 7, 2018

    3… Off with their heads?

  35. Peter Martin
    May 7, 2018

    10. Free education …for all

    Including tertiary education?

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