Meeting with Aviation Minister

I met Baroness Sugg, the Aviation Minister today.

I complained again about the narrowing of the  Compton Gate airspace control without consultation by NATs in 2014, which has concentrated more noise over Wokingham during easterly operations.  I asked for change to this arrangement. The Minister said this was not going to happen before a general review of the airspace arrangements for the enlarged Heathrow envisaged in plans for a new runway. I made early representations on this matter for this future review. I said they needed to consider  b0th better dispersion and respite periods where they currently  concentrate traffic.

I also asked for more to be done to mitigate noise of flights we are currently experiencing. The agenda includes managing out old and noisy aircraft, ensuring planes fly high enough to minimise noise, avoiding sharp turns, early deployment of undercarriage and other bad flying habits which add to noise.

I have been promised a letter setting out what more the government is and can do to alleviate the noise problem.