Local issues dominated the Borough Council results

I found on the doorsteps a welcome wish to talk about the local matters our Councillors decide for us in the run up to last Thursday’s election.

The Conservative loss of three seats in Wokingham itself seemed to be related to the delays in finishing the town centre, the disruptions to the roads brought on by building work, and the general pressures on services created by fast development and the level of congestion.

I will be talking to the Council about what more can be done to improve the congestion and development problems, and how the impact of building works can be mitigated more. The Council has embarked on a major highways construction programme to ease the lack of capacity as more homes become available, and has put in extra secondary school capacity with the provision of Bohunt.


  1. David Price
    May 10, 2018

    We had no-one on our doorstep, nothing from our councilors except a boilerplate letter boasting of “investments” elsewhere in the borough and completely ignoring issues local to us. One of those issues is a seemingly permanent hole in the ground where a bus stop used to be and barriers set up to restrict the main road to single track.

    The issue I have is the utter lack of communications from the council on any matters and lack of interest by councilors even if only to indicate they recognise the problems. I am not the only disgruntled voter, the local conservative councilor lost a very large chunk of his majority to the libdems this time round. I think he is lucky to retain his seat and may well lose it next time round.

    There needs to be far more communication and interaction beyond the annual above-inflation increase in rate demands.

  2. alan jutson
    May 11, 2018

    Only the Lib Dem Candidate came to our door, not just once, but twice.

    Afraid the Conservatives paid the price for being arrogant to community feelings for far too long.
    Yes they paid for the chaos in the Town Centre, also for the huge housing development which has changed the face of the area, and the unending road works to surrounding area’s.
    Local Communities will accept change (its inevitable) if it is well planned and managed, or at least being seen to being managed well, but what we have had for far too many years now is absolute chaos.
    Whilst I think the Rose Street Town Plaza development, and the residential apartment complex in Peach street are perhaps one story too high, at least these projects is being managed well by the contractors, in a very, very tight area.
    Compare that to the seemingly unending work on the paths and roads in Market Square, which have simply resembled a major obstacle course/bomb site maze, for what seems forever, with very often little sign of real productive work.
    Why not work in this are from 7.00am -7pm for 12 hours a day, to get it done as fast as possible, given two major through roads were being affected.
    Why work or cover such a large area in one go, why not smaller phases completed faster.
    Why not start the works after the supposed new (so called relief, single lane housing estate) roads to the North and South were in place and working.

    Then we have the controversial Elms field development !!!!!
    Not enough that you have already allowed building on the Towns Cricket Club pitch, Tennis Courts and the Town football clubs pitch, you have now stolen the kiddies play area and open green space which was given to the Council for use in perpetuity for the good and enjoyment of the community by the original owners of the land.
    Just like you allowed building on Martins open air swimming pool site a few years ago, again a facility given by the owners to the community for there enjoyment.

    Then we have car park charges at night, enforcement by private contractors, the seemingly endless road closures and traffic lights at roadworks which seem to take forever.

    A329 Reading Road due for gas main repairs, and starting next week for 15 months !!! the very same stretch of road which has been worked on last year, for a year, to produce a cycle track at a cost of over £4 million which is still not yet finished.

    The list goes on, and on, and on.

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