Phase One of The Winnersh Relief Road has opened today

The first phase of the Winnersh Relief Road, connecting the B3270 Lower Earley Way to the B3030 King Street Lane has opened today. It will provide access to the new housing on the former Hatch Farm Dairies site.

Wokingham Borough Council has submitted a full planning application for the Winnersh Relief Road phase two, which subject to planning consent, would connect the B3030 King Street Lane to the A329 Reading Road.

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  1. alan jutson
    June 12, 2018

    Good news that something is at last opening, given all the recent road work interruptions, I hope it helps with traffic flow.

    I simply do not understand why the Council are only now putting Phase two into Planning, given it is essential for phase two to go ahead, for phase one to work properly.
    Aware phase two will in all probability pass planning, as its the Council passing their own plans, but surely any sensible project management would want to gain planning for an entire scheme first, before you start construction on any part of it.

    Once a whole project is granted planning, then of course you can split up the various elements into phases to make a sensible programme for construction.

    Seems a very, very odd way of handling a project, is there any reason for such a way of working or for such delay ?

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