Drugs dealing and schools

I recently attended a meeting with local Councillors, the Deputy Head of a local secondary school and the police to discuss drug dealing by pupils.

I was pleased to see the efforts being made to discover and tackle this problem. In this case with the help of the local Council, CCTV was revealing who was involved, with a good chance of taking follow up action to punish and deter .Often the drug dealing takes place outside the school grounds in public places  when pupils are going to or from school.

I am aware that this is an issue for several local schools. Senior teachers responsible for behaviour and discipline and local police are rightly concerned and engaged. Anyone with evidence or intelligence about this should send it in to the school or police, who have powers to deal with it. Seeing it and exposing it is the best way to tackle it. The authorities can best deal with it where there is reliable evidence from witnesses. Drugs can ruin young lives.

Local authorities and school budgets can stretch to CCTV and other ways of exposing danger.



  1. Tad Davison
    June 18, 2018

    Drug dealing is rife. It’s endemic. This government lost control of the issue years ago and cuts to police numbers exacerbated the problem. People see open drug dealing and witness the effects upon us all. Little if anything ever gets done to permanently resolve it, and then the Tories wonder why this Prime Minister is held in so much contempt.

    It will take people with courage to resolve it. Even I could stop it given proper resources, but Westminster bubble dwellers have no idea what it’s really like. The word ‘pathetic’ doesn’t even come close, and all the time, the situation gets ever more desperate.

    Tad Davison


  2. Adam
    June 19, 2018

    It is likely that school pupils would know who are offering drugs, yet may be averse to reporting in concern about reprisal. Communicating solely a name to a school or police email address, via a third-party-provided anonymous email facility may help prevent, before distribution.

    A ‘harmless’ punishment, such as banning guilty pupils from driving until they are 25 years old might dissuade many from the inclination to supply.

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