Visit to Bohunt School

Today I visited Bohunt at their request. It was good to see the large and stylish new building, with plenty of growing room for the school as it expands its numbers one year group at a time.

The school walls are enlivened by some great quotes chosen by the pupils. We are told genius is 1% Inspiration and 99% perspiration. We are advised that Logic can get you from A to B but imagination can get you anywhere. The general drift of the aphorisms is to encourage creative thinking. self reliance, and a love of learning. The School’s catchphrase is Enjoy, Respect, Achieve.

I spent some time with the pupils on the School Council answering their questions about Parliament. I also asked them a few of my own. They told me they thought modern learning was made easier by the use of the ipad. They thought their electronic library met more of their demands than the traditional book library. They had no suggestions for me or their Head on how to improve their school, seeming content with their great surroundings and the ambience created by the teachers.

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  1. Adam
    June 23, 2018

    Teaching is mainly aimed at delivering information. Examinations assess pupil performance mostly on memory. Memory is merely storage. Imagination can combine & reflect every memory image in every way, & is a far more powerful capability. Old folk fear to lose memory but don’t understand that any loss of imagination would be far greater.

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