Visit to Kendrick School

I visited Kendrick School today to talk to the management team about possible school expansion.
The School is considering expanding from 3 form entry to 4 form entry. This would still leave it smaller than Reading Grammar for boys which has five form entry.
I would be happy to support such a move. We live in a fast growing area where we need more school places. The grammars should be free to expand as well as the other secondary schools. It seems unfair that a boy has a better chance of grammar entry than a girl in our area, and unfair if places do not expand as the potential number of pupils expands.
I look forward to seeing the results of their work to produce a bid for money for the necessary building works to allow expansion.
I wish the school continuing success.

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  1. ChrisShalford
    June 30, 2018

    A lot of younger people understandably do not appreciate the difference between state and private grammar schools. The former were a major driver of social mobility until almost eliminated by a Labour Government which should have supported their role in giving a high quality education to talented children from low income families. There may have been issues in selection methods and the limitation to acedemic subjects, but state grammar schools should have been expanded and built upon.

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