Getting Wokingham on the move

Over this summer of road closures and temporary traffic lights Councillors have assured me that the plan is to get the works finished during the school holidays so people can get around more easily again when they both have to take children to school and get themselves to work in the morning and to get home in the late afternoon. I have just written again to the Council asking them to remove temporary lights and take blocks away from closed traffic lanes in good time for the return to school wherever they can. We have experienced troubles with prominent junctions like the Winnersh Crossroads, the Finchampstead/Wellington Road roundabout and with the closure of Denmark Street and Broad Street in Wokingham, town centre.

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  1. Alan Jutson
    August 30, 2018

    Whilst I understand the need for the utility companies to replace worn out pipes and services, there seems little co-ordination between them and the Council with regards to the management of such works.
    Aware that the new paving project has caused extended and simply awful disruption within the Town Centre for the last couple of years, but Wokingham appears to have been surrounded by endless roadworks now for nearly a decade.

    The so called making good is not good, as roads and pavements are usually left with a patchwork of uneven and poorly finished surfaces.

    I have to ask is anyone at the Council in actual control of anything that is going on at all.

    Why no 24/7 working to get things moving faster, why no inspection of the making good, why no guarantees on the work completed, why so many potholes still not being filled properly, why so many 4 phase traffic lights.
    Why no sensible time scale for the so called relief roads, which by the way, are far too narrow and with too many tight bends for sensible lorry movement.

    Why spray a standard tarmac surface with a coloured texture coat (red, green, and beige) which disintegrates after 18 months, and is then a hazard for cyclists and motorbikes.
    Why close one lane on the A329M at Junction 10 with white lines when the tarmac is still in place for two.

    I could go on and on, but nothing changes, no matter how many times you speak to Local Councillors, hence the reason some of them were removed by the community at the last local elections.

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