Trafalgar eve event

On Saturday 20 th October at 7pm Wokingham Conservatives are holding supper evening at Victory Hall, Church Road, Farley Hill.

I will give an illustrated talk on the battle of Trafalgar, asking how England managed to win against such long odds, what the wider significance of the battle was, and what it tells us about leadership.

Everyone knows that England defeated France thanks to the inspired leadership of Admiral Nelson, who died in the battle. Fewer realise how long the odds were or how comprehensive the win. The English engaged with a fleet that was almost a quarter more powerful. Each ship in Nelson’s fleet as the attackers sailed slowly in very light winds towards the enemy. This  exposed  themselves to heavy raking fire for around half an hour before each English ship could get into position to use its own guns back.

Tickets are available through Bob Hamer or 01189 733422

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  1. Iain Gill
    September 20, 2018


    Maybe you could video it and put it on the web afterwards.

    Enjoy yourself.

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