Tree planting in Mortimer

On Friday I joined Councillors and local residents for a tree planting in land adjacent to the Fairground Car Park. This is part of the national forest scheme. I am grateful to the Councillors and John Bull who organised this and found a suitable place for the planting.


  1. eeyore
    November 26, 2018

    Ah, the National Forest. We have John Major to thank for that, as well as for the National Lottery. For a much maligned Prime Minister he left (as he might put it himself) a not un-useful legacy.

    Talking of trees, on March 29 next year I shall plant a sturdy little oak to mark Freedom Day. In a thousand years grateful Britons will hug it and rejoice at the mighty deeds of their dauntless forebears.

    Perhaps others might consider their own commemoration. And no doubt Mrs May is eager to tell us what official celebrations are planned. A solemn Service of Thanksgiving for Deliverance at St Paul’s would be appropriate, with HM in her best party frock and Archbishop Welby officiating.

  2. Lifelogic
    November 26, 2018

    I quite like trees, but it is of course a myth that forests & trees provide much of a net C02 sink. Once the trees have grown the overall forest eco-system tends to gives out about the same C02 as it takes in. Unless of course you chop the trees down and bury or use them in some way so that they cannot decay.

    More alarmist drivel from the Met Office on the BBC today (another state sector enemy within it seems). Hotter summers “up to” 6 (I think they said?, Rather like the South of France) and wetter winters too it seems. The South a France climate sounds just fine to me and wetter winters are fine too (we just need a few more reservoirs to store for the summer), But they will, of course, be proved totally wrong as usual, just look at their old ones).
    The massive floods in Gloucestershire were in July 2007 (so I suppose there is rather a good chance that summers will be slightly dryer than that one – for a while anyway). Lots of exaggerated drivel about sea levels too. Project fear seems to infest so many tentacles of government they seem to love trying to scare people to death with no justification.

    More reality comes from mystic meg.

  3. ian
    November 26, 2018

    So John, what are you for, the meat tax or cutting cow and sheep herds in half and planting trees on the land.

  4. Mike Wilson
    November 26, 2018

    On the face of it, something probably more important than Brexit – in the long run. I know some regard planting trees as ‘green crap’ but they do absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen – so those so against ‘green crap’ will be relieved to hear they can burn some more filthy oil without worrying about green crap at all. Others will take care of the planet for them.

  5. Bob
    November 26, 2018

    Should this article be published under the Local Issues section?

  6. Steve
    November 26, 2018

    Seriously Mr Redwood. At a time like this you’d be the last person I would expect to talk about trees. Except maybe Prince Charles.

    Still, your site – your rules. Can’t argue with that.

    1. Narrow Shoulders
      November 27, 2018

      On the contrary this post reminds us that life moves on and the EU is not central to our longevity.

  7. Javelin
    November 26, 2018

    After reviewing the comments in newspapers and social media it appears the narrative has moved on from calling the PM “Treason May” to simply the PM has lost her marbles. No seriously there seems to be a spontaneous recognition by thousands of people at once that May still thinks she can still get a deal through.

    Everybody knew chemical Ali reallyp knew the tanks were coming up the road. We had respect that he didnt leave his post. But Theresa…. She is threatening and arguing when even her own whips are going to vote against her deal. “Your’re all mad I tell you”.

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