Amber Rudd undermines the Prime Minister

It is open to backbenchers and members of the public to be as critical of Mrs May’s plan as we like and to propose an alternative. Those MPs who decide to stay in the Cabinet have to defend Mrs May’s position, which is her deal is the only proposal worth considering.

This early move in Miss Rudd’s probable leadership campaign is ill judged and ensures she will not get any Eurosceptic votes, as the Norway option is not leaving the EU. It means accepting EU laws, paying them money and staying in the single market and customs union which we voted to quit.


  1. Alan Jutson
    December 8, 2018

    What do you expect when the Prime Minister tells lies and is so weak.

    I find it amazing she still has a Cabinet at all, but that tells us all we need to know about its make up and Members !

    First time in History a Prime Minister has been held in contempt by trying to hide their lies.

    Politics now at an all time low.

    1. Hope
      December 8, 2018

      Rudd was elected by the skin of her teeth last year, she will be lucky to get elected next time around.

      Rudd lost 56,000 illegal immigrants in Feb this year of 700 whom were ex convicts to be deported! The day after her dept announced this she told police chiefs any request for money would fall on deaf ears!

      Her hateful language during the referendum. She is not fit for any public office.

      Then she went along with May’s Windrush scandal rather than change course to rectify this terrible shameful episode. She was and is an utter failure. Her latest outburst shows her disdain for electoral democracy and the public vote. She also forgets what she got elected on, out of single market and customs union. She in contempt of the public!

      1. Hope
        December 8, 2018

        Just before May put her back in cabinet this dishonourable person wanted a second referendum despite saying she respected the referendum result! Again, another liar. You cannot stand on the Tory manifesto, say you respect the referendum and then say Norway or a second referendum. Rudd has fallen at the first hurdle. Liar. If that was not enough she supported May’s servitude plan last week! Anything but leave it would appear.

        I suppose the only credential in her mind warranted is that she is a woman and wants that ticket!

      2. eeyore
        December 8, 2018

        I respectfully disagree with our host’s headline. Ms Rudd, the PM’s closest political friend and ally, does not undermine her. She flies the kite Mrs May dare not yet fly herself. But in a week or two … .

        1. Mark B
          December 9, 2018

          Spot on mate, spot on ! 😉

      3. Alan Joyce
        December 8, 2018

        Dear Mr. Redwood,


        Indefatigability, perseverance and hard work are qualities to be admired. However, they are attributes only to be expected in those that aspire to be the First Lord of The Treasury.

        Candidates should bear in mind that they should also be able to show honesty and integrity. They must be able to inspire others so that their efforts are maximised towards a common goal. They should be able to delegate difficult tasks to colleagues and support them without undue interference.

        They must be able to arrive at decisions on complex issues without prevarication or postponement.

        They must be able to communicate effectively without resorting to repetitive soundbites or mechanical delivery. Their oratory skills should evidence commitment and passion, positivity, hope and expectation.

        Above all, they must be unfaltering, unhesitating and steadfast in the realisation that they are accountable solely to the British people who, rightly, have the very highest expectations of them.

        If you feel you can fulfil this role then please submit your application.

        NO time wasters please.

      4. Richard
        December 8, 2018

        Shanker Singham’s detailed review of Rudd’s Norway option: “It would more completely take independent trade and regulatory policy off the table than even the PM’s deal. When we referred to the PM’s deal as the worst of all worlds, we did not anticipate that an even worse construct could be seriously being proposed.”
        David Campbell Bannerman: Others:

      5. Cheshire Girl
        December 9, 2018

        I would never vote for Amber Rudd. In my opinion, she is utterly useless. She was a hopeless Home Secretary. I dont like her manner, always warning, hectoring, and trying to tell us what to do. I will take no orders or advice from her. She should not be a Cabinet Minister, and she should never be Prime Minister.

      6. Helen Smith
        December 9, 2018

        She represents the fishing community of Hastings! I feel they will be able to count her votes on the fingers of one hand next time, good, she is a nasty piece of work.

    2. Sir Joe Soap
      December 8, 2018

      Need to split off those voting for the referendum and this deal as dishonest and sack them all. The list will be public on Tuesday.

      1. Sir Joe Soap
        December 8, 2018

        So any of the following who also vote for May’s deal are denying you the choice they gave you:
        Did all UK Members of Parliament (MPs) vote on the European Union Referendum Act 2015 and does a record of how each MP voted exist ?
        How many people use DuckDuckGo?
        Those who voted in favour of the EU referendum:

        Abbott, Ms Diane

        Abrahams, Debbie

        Adams, Nigel

        Afriyie, Adam

        Aldous, Peter

        Alexander, Heidi

        Ali, Rushanara

        Allan, Lucy

        Allen, Mr Graham

        Allen, Heidi

        Amess, Sir David

        Anderson, Mr David

        Andrew, Stuart

        Ansell, Caroline

        Argar, Edward

        Atkins, Victoria

        Austin, Ian

        Bacon, Mr Richard

        Bailey, Mr Adrian

        Baker, Mr Steve

        Baldwin, Harriett

        Barclay, Stephen

        Baron, Mr John

        Barron, rh Kevin

        Barwell, Gavin

        Bebb, Guto

        Beckett, rh Margaret

        Bellingham, Mr Henry

        Benn, rh Hilary

        Benyon, Richard

        Beresford, Sir Paul

        Berger, Luciana

        Berry, Jake

        Berry, James

        Betts, Mr Clive

        Bingham, Andrew

        Blackman, Bob

        Blackman-Woods, Dr Roberta

        Blackwood, Nicola

        Blenkinsop, Tom

        Blomfield, Paul

        Blunt, Crispin

        Boles, Nick

        Bone, Mr Peter

        Borwick, Victoria

        Bottomley, Sir Peter

        Bradley, Karen

        Bradshaw, rh Mr Ben

        Brady, Mr Graham

        Brake, rh Tom

        Brazier, Mr Julian

        Brennan, Kevin

        Bridgen, Andrew

        Brine, Steve

        Brokenshire, James

        Brown, Lyn

        Brown, rh Mr Nicholas

        Bruce, Fiona

        Bryant, Chris

        Buck, Ms Karen

        Buckland, Robert

        Burden, Richard

        Burgon, Richard

        Burns, Conor

        Burns, rh Mr Simon

        Burrowes, Mr David

        Burt, rh Alistair

        Butler, Dawn

        Byrne, rh Liam

        Cadbury, Ruth

        Cairns, Alun

        Cameron, rh Mr David

        Campbell, rh Mr Alan

        Campbell, Mr Gregory

        Campbell, Mr Ronnie

        Carmichael, rh Mr Alistair

        Carmichael, Neil

        Carswell, Mr Douglas

        Cartlidge, James

        Cash, Sir William

        Caulfield, Maria

        Chalk, Alex

        Champion, Sarah

        Chapman, Jenny

        Chishti, Rehman

        Chope, Mr Christopher

        Churchill, Jo

        Clark, rh Greg

        Cleverly, James

        Clifton-Brown, Geoffrey

        Clwyd, rh Ann

        Coaker, Vernon

        Coffey, Ann

        Coffey, Dr Thérèse

        Collins, Damian

        Colvile, Oliver

        Cooper, Julie

        Cooper, Rosie

        Costa, Alberto

        Cox, Mr Geoffrey

        Cox, Jo

        Coyle, Neil

        Crabb, rh Stephen

        Crausby, Mr David

        Creasy, Stella

        Crouch, Tracey

        Cruddas, Jon

        Cryer, John

        Cummins, Judith

        Cunningham, Alex

        Cunningham, Mr Jim

        Dakin, Nic

        Danczuk, Simon

        David, Wayne

        Davies, Byron

        Davies, Chris

        Davies, David T. C.

        Davies, Geraint

        Davies, Glyn

        Davies, James

        Davies, Mims

        Davies, Philip

        Davis, rh Mr David

        De Piero, Gloria

        Debbonaire, Thangam

        Dinenage, Caroline

        Djanogly, Mr Jonathan

        Dodds, rh Mr Nigel

        Donaldson, rh Mr Jeffrey M.

        Donelan, Michelle

        Dorries, Nadine

        Double, Steve

        Doughty, Stephen

        Dowd, Jim

        Dowd, Peter

        Dowden, Oliver

        Doyle-Price, Jackie

        Drax, Richard

        Dromey, Jack

        Drummond, Mrs Flick

        Duddridge, James

        Dugher, Michael

        Duncan, rh Sir Alan

        Duncan Smith, rh Mr Iain

        Dunne, Mr Philip

        Eagle, Ms Angela

        Eagle, Maria

        Efford, Clive

        Elliott, Julie

        Elliott, Tom

        Ellis, Michael

        Ellison, Jane

        Ellman, Mrs Louise

        Ellwood, Mr Tobias

        Elphicke, Charlie

        Esterson, Bill

        Eustice, George

        Evans, Chris

        Evans, Mr Nigel

        Evennett, rh Mr David

        Fabricant, Michael

        Fallon, rh Michael

        Farron, Tim

        Fernandes, Suella

        Field, rh Frank

        Field, rh Mark

        Fitzpatrick, Jim

        Flello, Robert

        Fletcher, Colleen

        Flint, rh Caroline

        Flynn, Paul

        Foster, Kevin

        Fovargue, Yvonne

        Fox, rh Dr Liam

        Foxcroft, Vicky

        Francois, rh Mr Mark

        Frazer, Lucy

        Freeman, George

        Freer, Mike

        Fuller, Richard

        Fysh, Marcus

        Gapes, Mike

        Gardiner, Barry

        Garnier, rh Sir Edward

        Garnier, Mark

        Gauke, Mr David

        Ghani, Nusrat

        Gibb, Mr Nick

        Gillan, rh Mrs Cheryl

        Glass, Pat

        Glen, John

        Glindon, Mary

        Goldsmith, Zac

        Goodman, Helen

        Goodwill, Mr Robert

        Gove, rh Michael

        Graham, Richard

        Gray, Mr James

        Grayling, rh Chris

        Green, Chris

        Green, rh Damian

        Green, Kate

        Greening, rh Justine

        Greenwood, Lilian

        Greenwood, Margaret

        Grieve, rh Mr Dominic

        Griffith, Nia

        Griffiths, Andrew

        Gummer, Ben

        Gwynne, Andrew

        Gyimah, Mr Sam

        Haigh, Louise

        Halfon, rh Robert

        Hall, Luke

        Hamilton, Fabian

        Hammond, rh Mr Philip

        Hammond, Stephen

        Hancock, rh Matthew

        Hands, rh Greg

        Hanson, rh Mr David

        Harman, rh Ms Harriet

        Harper, rh Mr Mark

        Harpham, Harry

        Harris, Carolyn

        Harris, Rebecca

        Hart, Simon

        Haselhurst, rh Sir Alan

        Hayes, Helen

        Hayes, rh Mr John

        Hayman, Sue

        Heald, Sir Oliver

        Healey, rh John

        Heappey, James

        Heaton-Harris, Chris

        Heaton-Jones, Peter

        Hendrick, Mr Mark

        Herbert, rh Nick

        Hermon, Lady

        Hillier, Meg

        Hinds, Damian

        Hoare, Simon

        Hodge, rh Margaret

        Hodgson, Mrs Sharon

        Hoey, Kate

        Hollingbery, George

        Hollinrake, Kevin

        Hollobone, Mr Philip

        Holloway, Mr Adam

        Hopkins, Kelvin

        Hopkins, Kris

        Howarth, Sir Gerald

        Howell, John

        Howlett, Ben

        Huddleston, Nigel

        Hunt, rh Mr Jeremy

        Hunt, Tristram

        Huq, Dr Rupa

        Hurd, Mr Nick

        Hussain, Imran

        Irranca-Davies, Huw

        Jackson, Mr Stewart

        James, Margot

        Jarvis, Dan

        Javid, rh Sajid

        Jayawardena, Mr Ranil

        Jenkin, Mr Bernard

        Jenkyns, Andrea

        Jenrick, Robert

        Johnson, rh Alan

        Johnson, Boris

        Johnson, Diana

        Johnson, Gareth

        Johnson, Joseph

        Jones, Andrew

        Jones, rh Mr David

        Jones, Gerald

        Jones, Graham

        Jones, Mr Kevan

        Jones, Mr Marcus

        Jones, Susan Elan

        Kane, Mike

        Kawczynski, Daniel

        Keeley, Barbara

        Kennedy, Seema

        Khan, rh Sadiq

        Kinahan, Danny

        Kinnock, Stephen

        Knight, rh Sir Greg

        Knight, Julian

        Kwarteng, Kwasi

        Kyle, Peter

        Lamb, rh Norman

        Lammy, rh Mr David

        Lancaster, Mark

        Latham, Pauline

        Lavery, Ian

        Leadsom, Andrea

        Lee, Dr Phillip

        Lefroy, Jeremy

        Leigh, Sir Edward

        Leslie, Charlotte

        Leslie, Chris

        Letwin, rh Mr Oliver

        Lewell-Buck, Mrs Emma

        Lewis, Brandon

        Lewis, Clive

        Lewis, Mr Ivan

        Lewis, rh Dr Julian

        Liddell-Grainger, Mr Ian

        Lidington, rh Mr David

        Lilley, rh Mr Peter

        Long Bailey, Rebecca

        Lopresti, Jack

        Lord, Jonathan

        Loughton, Tim

        Lucas, Caroline

        Lucas, Ian C.

        Lumley, Karen

        Lynch, Holly

        Mackinlay, Craig

        Mackintosh, David

        Mactaggart, rh Fiona

        Madders, Justin

        Mahmood, Mr Khalid

        Mahmood, Shabana

        Main, Mrs Anne

        Mak, Alan

        Malhotra, Seema

        Malthouse, Kit

        Mann, John

        Mann, Scott

        Marris, Rob

        Marsden, Mr Gordon

        Maskell, Rachael

        Matheson, Chris

        Mathias, Dr Tania

        May, rh Mrs Theresa

        Maynard, Paul

        McCabe, Steve

        McCarthy, Kerry

        McCartney, Jason

        McCartney, Karl

        McDonald, Andy

        McDonnell, John

        McFadden, rh Mr Pat

        McGinn, Conor

        McInnes, Liz

        McLoughlin, rh Mr Patrick

        McPartland, Stephen

        Mearns, Ian

        Menzies, Mark

        Mercer, Johnny

        Merriman, Huw

        Metcalfe, Stephen

        Miller, rh Mrs Maria

        Milling, Amanda

        Mills, Nigel

        Milton, rh Anne

        Mitchell, rh Mr Andrew

        Moon, Mrs Madeleine

        Mordaunt, Penny

        Morden, Jessica

        Morgan, rh Nicky

        Morris, Anne Marie

        Morris, David

        Morris, Grahame M.

        Morris, James

        Morton, Wendy

        Mowat, David

        Mulholland, Greg

        Mundell, rh David

        Murray, Ian

        Murray, Mrs Sheryll

        Murrison, Dr Andrew

        Neill, Robert

        Nokes, Caroline

        Norman, Jesse

        Nuttall, Mr David

        Offord, Dr Matthew

        Onn, Melanie

        Onwurah, Chi

        Opperman, Guy

        Osamor, Kate

        Osborne, rh Mr George

        Owen, Albert

        Paisley, Ian

        Parish, Neil

        Patel, rh Priti

        Paterson, rh Mr Owen

        Pawsey, Mark

        Pearce, Teresa

        Penning, rh Mike

        Pennycook, Matthew

        Penrose, John

        Percy, Andrew

        Perkins, Toby

        Perry, Claire

        Phillips, Jess

        Phillips, Stephen

        Phillipson, Bridget

        Philp, Chris

        Pickles, rh Sir Eric

        Pincher, Christopher

        Poulter, Dr Daniel

        Pound, Stephen

        Pow, Rebecca

        Powell, Lucy

        Prentis, Victoria

        Prisk, Mr Mark

        Pritchard, Mark

        Pugh, John

        Pursglove, Tom

        Quin, Jeremy

        Quince, Will

        Qureshi, Yasmin

        Raab, Mr Dominic

        Rayner, Angela

        Redwood, rh John

        Reed, Mr Jamie

        Reed, Mr Steve

        Rees, Christina

        Rees-Mogg, Mr Jacob

        Reynolds, Emma

        Reynolds, Jonathan

        Rimmer, Marie

        Robertson, Mr Laurence

        Robinson, Mr Geoffrey

        Robinson, Mary

        Rosindell, Andrew

        Rotheram, Steve

        Rudd, rh Amber

        Rutley, David

        Ryan, rh Joan

        Sandbach, Antoinette

        Scully, Paul

        Selous, Andrew

        Shah, Naz

        Shannon, Jim

        Shapps, rh Grant

        Sharma, Alok

        Sharma, Mr Virendra

        Sheerman, Mr Barry

        Shelbrooke, Alec

        Sherriff, Paula

        Shuker, Mr Gavin

        Siddiq, Tulip

        Simpson, rh Mr Keith

        Skidmore, Chris

        Skinner, Mr Dennis

        Slaughter, Andy

        Smeeth, Ruth

        Smith, rh Mr Andrew

        Smith, Angela

        Smith, Cat

        Smith, Chloe

        Smith, Henry

        Smith, Jeff

        Smith, Julian

        Smith, Nick

        Smith, Owen

        Smith, Royston

        Smyth, Karin

        Soames, rh Sir Nicholas

        Solloway, Amanda

        Soubry, rh Anna

        Spellar, rh Mr John

        Spelman, rh Mrs Caroline

        Spencer, Mark

        Starmer, Keir

        Stephenson, Andrew

        Stevens, Jo

        Stevenson, John

        Stewart, Bob

        Stewart, Iain

        Stewart, Rory

        Streeter, Mr Gary

        Streeting, Wes

        Stride, Mel

        Stringer, Graham

        Stuart, Ms Gisela

        Stuart, Graham

        Sturdy, Julian

        Sunak, Rishi

        Swayne, rh Mr Desmond

        Swire, rh Mr Hugo

        Syms, Mr Robert

        Tami, Mark

        Thomas, Derek

        Thomas, Mr Gareth

        Thomas-Symonds, Nick

        Throup, Maggie

        Timms, rh Stephen

        Timpson, Edward

        Tolhurst, Kelly

        Tomlinson, Justin

        Tomlinson, Michael

        Tracey, Craig

        Trevelyan, Mrs Anne-Marie

        Trickett, Jon

        Truss, rh Elizabeth

        Tugendhat, Tom

        Turley, Anna

        Turner, Mr Andrew

        Turner, Karl

        Twigg, Derek

        Twigg, Stephen

        Tyrie, rh Mr Andrew

        Umunna, Mr Chuka

        Vaizey, Mr Edward

        Vara, Mr Shailesh

        Vaz, rh Keith

        Vaz, Valerie

        Vickers, Martin

        Villiers, rh Mrs Theresa

        Walker, Mr Charles

        Walker, Mr Robin

        Wallace, Mr Ben

        Warburton, David

        Warman, Matt

        Watkinson, Dame Angela

        West, Catherine

        Wharton, James

        Whately, Helen

        Wheeler, Heather

        White, Chris

        Whitehead, Dr Alan

        Whittaker, Craig

        Whittingdale, rh Mr John

        Wiggin, Bill

        Williams, Craig

        Williams, Mr Mark

        Williamson, rh Gavin

        Wilson, Phil

        Wilson, Mr Rob

        Wilson, Sammy

        Winnick, Mr David

        Winterton, rh Ms Rosie

        Wollaston, Dr Sarah

        Wood, Mike

        Wragg, William

        Wright, Mr Iain

        Wright, rh Jeremy

        Zahawi, Nadhim

        Zeichner, Daniel

        Those who voted against holding a referendum:

        Ahmed-Sheikh, Ms Tasmina

        Arkless, Richard

        Bardell, Hannah

        Black, Ms Mhairi

        Blackford, Ian

        Blackman, Kirsty

        Boswell, Philip

        Brock, Deidre

        Brown, Alan

        Cameron, Dr Lisa

        Chapman, Douglas

        Cherry, Joanna

        Cowan, Ronnie

        Crawley, Angela

        Day, Martyn

        Docherty, Martin John

        Donaldson, Stuart Blair

        Ferrier, Margaret

        Gethins, Stephen

        Gibson, Patricia

        Grady, Patrick

        Grant, Peter

        Gray, Neil

        Hendry, Drew

        Hosie, Stewart

        Kerevan, George

        Kerr, Calum

        Law, Chris

        Mc Nally, John

        McCaig, Callum

        McDonald, Stewart

        McDonald, Stuart C.

        McGarry, Natalie

        McLaughlin, Anne

        Monaghan, Carol

        Monaghan, Dr Paul

        Mullin, Roger

        Newlands, Gavin

        Nicolson, John

        O’Hara, Brendan

        Oswald, Kirsten

        Paterson, Steven

        Robertson, Angus

        Salmond, rh Alex

        Sheppard, Tommy

        Stephens, Chris

        Thewliss, Alison

        Thomson, Michelle

        Weir, Mike

        Whiteford, Dr Eilidh

        Whitford, Dr Philippa

        Wilson, Corri

        Wishart, Pete

        597 mps were recorded. 554 for the bill and 53 opposed.

        1. Alan Jutson
          December 8, 2018

          Sir Joe Soap

          Surely you are not suggesting that some of those now wanting a second Referendum vote, did not vote for the first one to take place are you !

          So noticeable names missing from your list.

        2. acorn
          December 8, 2018

          Sadly, you won’t understand why my continental number crunching partners, consider this site to be in their top ten of UK, “laugh-out-loud” Brexiteer websites.

          1. libertarian
            December 8, 2018


            Wow being laughed at by boring, dull unimaginative, introverted bean counters… How will I live with it

            ps are they South Korean your friends from the continent?

          2. Maybot
            December 8, 2018

            Number crunchers make the best drinking buddies in my opinion. Better than train spotters, even.

          3. John Hatfield
            December 8, 2018

            Gosh Acorn. How funny.

          4. Mark B
            December 9, 2018

            And yet you come here and, what is worse, contribute ! Mate you raise irony to a whole new level.


  2. Davies
    December 8, 2018

    As long as all processes, regulations and contracts or mitigation to bridge them are in place to handle full 3rd country status by the end of March then that is the only viable option now.

    Do you know for sure that is the case?

    If so why is everyone still making such a fuss?

  3. Norman
    December 8, 2018

    Yes, noted! But was she herself ‘Plan B’, brought back for this very reason? Collusion at the highest levels? What will they stoop to next? May the 17.4 win the day!

    1. James
      December 8, 2018

      The 17.4 million can be relied upon to put matters right. A clean break from the EU on WTO terms will galvanise our country and call forth a spirit that has been dormant for a while but which we have never lost. I believe that we will so thrive outside the EU that remainers and fence sitters, not to mention the miserable deadbeats within the current Cabinet (shortly to be unemployed), will be astounded. Many of the other 27 countries within the EU that are already exhibiting centrifugal tendencies will also follow our lead and be profoundly thankful for it.

  4. Tabulazero
    December 8, 2018

    … cause threatening that you had 48 letters while it was not the case absolutely did nothing to undermine the PM ?

  5. Ron Olden
    December 8, 2018

    Amber Rudd’s so called ‘Plan B’ is NOT the only, let alone the most practicable or most popular one possible.

    The obvious Plan B which we also know is the single most popular with the public is leaving the EU without a Deal.

    It’s the conduct of Fifth Columnists like Amber Rudd in always signalling to the EU that if they hold out, they’ll get full blown appeasement from us, that’s resulted in the abysmal offer we now have.

    Can anyone imagine people on the EU negotiating side conducting themselves like this? They’d be sacked on the spot.

    In the UK however, the BBC hails them as potential National Leaders.

    It’s like being given the choice in 1940 between Mr Churchill or Lord Haw Haw to be Prime Minister.

  6. HarveyG
    December 8, 2018

    Amber Rudd is out there stalking for whatever diversion is to follow post Tuesday- but in any case it won’t result in a Norway plus deal- A Norway deal would keep us tied to the EU and with no say, we would be in a much more subservient place than we are right now.

    No it looks to me like post Tuesday parliament will take control and Mrs May will be ousted, Boris Raab or JRM will become PM and want to reopen negotiations with the EU but will find most of them will have already gone on holidays..the others will not be listening so the clock will be wound down until 29 March..just as the people voted

    1. Mark B
      December 9, 2018

      The Norway Option, which I prefered, is I think too late. That is why I think Mike Stallard no longer posts on it and I now am resigned to either WTO or some sort of fudge.

      The idea of the Norway Option, despite all its disadvantages, was that it got the EU Commission off our backs and allowed us to sign FTA’s with our major trading partners. It kicked cans down the road and kept some very powerful and influential business and people at bay. A poor compromise but a START ! No wonder it is being floated again.

      It seems the plan was to create a ‘deal’ (sic) that parliament and the people would not accept but, to then offer EEA membership instead. To achieve this an extension must be sort. The EU have hinted at such and parliament may well agree to allow time to renegotiate.

      Time will tell.

  7. Denis Cooper
    December 8, 2018

    There is a claim made by a pro-EU Norwegian towards the end of this article:

    “Norwegian politicians reject UK’s Norway-plus Brexit plan”

    which if true should immediately kill off this proposal.


    “It is not an option for the UK to stay inside the customs union, as the UK proposes to solve the Northern Ireland border issue, if you are part of the Efta platform … ”

    As repeatedly pointed out for over a year now, ad nauseam, Norway is not any customs union with the EU and the Irish government has categorically rejected anything like the ‘light touch’ customs border which operates between Norway and Sweden; hence after a very long time for that message to sink into the thick brains of Nick Boles MP and others ‘Norway’ has now finally become ‘Norway plus’, plus a customs union; but if it is true that the UK could not be part of EFTA and also be part of a customs union with the EU then even in its evolved form that cunning plan is knocked on the head.

    1. Denis Cooper
      December 8, 2018

      The EFTA Convention, as amended up to 2013:

      “ARTICLE 3

      Customs duties on imports and exports, and charges having equivalent effect

      Customs duties on imports and exports, and any charges having equivalent effect, shall be prohibited between the Member States. This shall also apply to customs duties of a fiscal nature.”

      If the UK remained in a customs union with the EU it would not have control over the duties it was imposing on imports, including on imports from EFTA countries, and therefore it could not sign up to this article in the EFTA treaty.

      Should somebody should mention this to the EFTA/EEA fanatics?

  8. rose
    December 8, 2018

    As I understand it, the pro EEA movement inside the Conservative Party and combining with the Blairites, also wants us in the Customs Union. If that is the case, then they should drop the word Norway, and stop pestering the poor Norwegians. The Norwegians and Swiss are not in the Customs Union. They were put where they are, including in Schengen, because they had the effrontery to vote against the EU. But even their Europhile politicians weren’t brazen enough to put them in the Customs Union.

    If EEA plus Customs Union is what the new movement want, they should tell everyone now that the only county which is in the EEA and in the Customs Union is the EU, and that is our destination.

    1. Mark B
      December 9, 2018

      I agree. I speak as a pro-EEA Leaver but I am dead against the CU. The CU is evil.

      1. Helen Smith
        December 9, 2018

        EFTA/EEA is preferable to May’s surrender but No deal beats both hands downs closely followed by Canada +++.

        It is only preferable if we steer clear of the customs union, and joining it should mean no Transition, hooray.

  9. Richard1
    December 8, 2018

    Norway isn’t in the customs union?

    1. Mark B
      December 9, 2018

      No. But as Denis has stated they Irish Government will not accept any proposal that means the UK out of the CU. EEA+CU is not BREXIT.

  10. Original Richard
    December 8, 2018

    I’m certain Ms Rudd has spoken with the PM’s permission.

    Now that Mrs.May’s/the EU’s Withdrawal Agreement has been rumbled Mrs. May and her pro-EU Parliamentary colleagues are now trying to find alternatives ways to keep the UK in the EU whilst looking like we are leaving.

    The only reason why we are in a mess over the Brexit negotiations is because the PM and a majority in Parliament are tying themselves in knots trying to find a way which looks like we have left when we haven’t.

    They are determined to overturn the referendum result by hook or by crook.

    We should be informing the EU that their proposed Withdrawal Agreement is unacceptable and we are now preparing for a WTO arrangement in March next year and we would be happy to meet them in London whenever they like to discuss how we can achieve a managed and chaos-free exit from the EU.

  11. old salt
    December 8, 2018

    All very befitting of a third world country gone astray. But what else can we expect from this mendacious bunch of strangers to democracy.

  12. ian
    December 8, 2018

    Five leave supports who turns out to be remains, what they said was not what they meant when campaigning for leave, it looks like they fool you.

  13. Stred
    December 8, 2018

    If we have to replace May with someone who would be equally disastrous, Rudd is ideal. They both have form as Home Office ministers.

  14. Lindsay McDougall
    December 8, 2018

    The interesting points about the Norway option (joining the EEA) are twofold:
    – it is the only option that the EC will agree to that comes anywhere near the policy, such as it is, enunciated by the Labour Party
    – it is possible that this parliament, which is full of Remoaners, would prefer it to leaving on 29th March

    It is to be hoped that these Remoaners would not dare to repeal or amend the EU Withdrawal Act. It is also unlikely that parliament could agree to the options to be presented in a second referendum.

    However, Brexiteers must be prepared to fight a General Election as Brexiteers, i.e. as a broad church political party designed to tap into the votes of most of the 52% who voted Leave. I see lots of worthy speeches by Leavers but I haven’t yet seen a Brexiteers’ Manifesto.

    I think – indeed hope – that the present Conservative Party is irreparably broken. The pro-European semi-socialist wing and the Eurosceptic pro-capitalist wing loathe each other too much and disagree too much to make common cause.

    And all the king’s horses
    And all the king’s men
    Will never put it together again

  15. fedupsoutherner
    December 8, 2018

    Amber Rudd?? She will be as bad for the Tories as May is. What don’t your fellow MP’s understand? We need a Brexiteer. Someone who will deliver what we voted for and what we were promised. Anything less and the party is in the wilderness. Is that what the Tory party wants?

    1. Maybot
      December 8, 2018


      Not another Remainer in charge of Brexit !

  16. A.Sedgwick
    December 8, 2018

    346 vs 17.4m

  17. George Brooks
    December 8, 2018

    Last night Channel 4 News ventured into Oslo and one good lady speaking on behalf of their government urged the UK not to copy their arrangement with the EU stating

    ” you have messed your negotiations and you will most likely mess up our arrangement as well”.

  18. DUNCAN
    December 8, 2018

    Boris Johnson as a Tory leader will secure a working majority. Rudd as a Tory leader will see a Marxist government for the first time in British political history

    Message to Rudd. Go away and retire before you embarrass yourself even further.

  19. Nig l
    December 8, 2018

    Ms Rudd and all other Norway ists are relying on people’s ignorance. It is their way of trying to fool us that this meets the Leave needs whilst actually keeping us tied, leaving in name only. Precisely why May’s agenda is being rejected.

  20. mancunius
    December 8, 2018

    I genuinely doubt that Rudd is ‘undermining’ the Prime Minister. I am convinced that – with typical deviousness and cowardice – May has sent Rudd out to bat first. (The BBC were even ordered to report that Rudd was ‘the first’ cabinet minister to advocate the Norway EEA membership idea, and they have repeated it verbatim in every single radio bulleting so far. BBC News editors do not do these things accidentally, or just for a laugh.
    It is their agenda.
    May knows her daft ‘deal’ is doomed, so she wants the media to soften listeners/viewers into accepting what will be billed as a ‘compromise that should please everyone’. Never mind the fact that it is not and will not. A lot will be made by EEA advocates of the fact that we were in Efta before we joined the EU. And that Efta is basically the EEA. Ignore these people. Efta in 1972 was light years away from its present post-EEA status.
    The EEA is basically the EU for national politicians who want to fool their countries into thinking they’re not in the EU.

  21. Lendo
    December 8, 2018

    We did not vote to leave the single market and we did not vote to leave the customs union. neither was on the ballot. And during the referendum campaign no one mentioned the customs union, while countless Brexiters (Gove, Paterson, Hannan etc) promised we would stay in the single market

    1. Edward2
      December 8, 2018

      Read the leaflet Lendo

    2. zorro
      December 9, 2018

      Wrong – read it and weep. Do you remember this landing through your letterbox? Nothing could be clearer. Stop being economical with the truth. The government leaflet set it out clearly as did Cameron/Osborne….


    3. Adam
      December 9, 2018


      Your ‘we’ might be true depending on whom your use of we refers to. It could be true if you are 12-year old foreign citizen & his pet hamster living in Thailand opining about yourselves.

      Claiming ‘during the referendum campaign no one mentioned the customs union’ is similarly extreme beyond belief. Even one person mentioning it to only one other renders that statement untrue. Both Leavers & Remainers emphasised that Leave involved leaving both the SM & the CU.

      Please refer to what Edward2 & zorro guide to assist your awareness.

  22. Turboterrier.
    December 8, 2018

    Just another of the many with her own agenda who does not give three fifths about the electorate let alone the country.

    Failure at the DECC, Home Office and now joining the Gove camp as yet another back stabber. When is Central Office going to wake up to actually the poor choice of people with principles and dedication to the party let alone the country and its values, we have representing us at Westminster. Time to drain the swamp. Change has got to come very quickly if we do not want to be sent into the political wilderness for years to come.

    Who will be next? Leadsom, Fox and Gove just to add a flavour of treachery to the mix for the forth coming leadership contest that must surely be but days away.

  23. Simon Coleman
    December 8, 2018

    Norway is not in the EU. If that’s what Parliament wants, then it’ll happen. There is no mandate to leave without a deal and there never was. If there were a majority of MPs in favour of no deal, you’d be the first to demand that Parliament decides what happens if May’s deal is voted down. Even if we leave without a deal by default, Brexit will never be accepted by the 16 point whatever million people who tried to stop this fiasco happening. No deal will actually torpedo Brexit because it’ll lead to another referendum within 10 years. I don’t know why I bother to tell you because ideologues like you can’t see beyond your tiny, idealized objectives.

    1. Longinus
      December 9, 2018

      Lie after lie. Are you Theresa May?

    2. Edward2
      December 9, 2018

      Where is the mandate to leave with a deal?
      Only remain or leave was on the referendum ballot paper.

      There is no such thing as no deal.
      What you really by no deal mean is actually leaving the EU and becoming an independent nation.

  24. Simon Coleman
    December 8, 2018

    In a time of crisis you would expect cabinet ministers to be looking for solutions beyond the current plan which doomed to fail. This is not an ordinary cabinet problem. There has to be a plan B and May is not providing one. So other ministers will fill the vacuum. They’re just doing their jobs.

  25. roger
    December 8, 2018

    Will we wear jackets?
    What colour might they be?

  26. The Quiet Man
    December 9, 2018

    It there’s a worse person than May to lead the Tory party its Rudd. Its even possible she will loose here seat at any next election as she has a majority of only just over 300.

  27. Bryan Harris
    December 9, 2018

    It strikes me that Rudd is closely attached to May – Why else would she be back in favour so soon….?
    Could she be proposing this on behalf of May?

    As for Rudd as a potential PM – This has to be some kind of sick joke put about by remoaners – another scare story?

  28. Simon Coleman
    December 9, 2018

    They have to defend her position? Really? I don’t remember you saying anything about Boris Johnson’s regular briefings against the cabinet position when he was Foreign Secretary.

  29. PaulDirac
    December 9, 2018

    Regarding the Norway option.

    It isn’t an option until we are invited to join and that is by no means certian.
    The Norway option also depends on the EU, they CAN change their terms with any “new” member.
    If it comes to that we will be getting a real beating on the terms such as large annual payments (nothing like the small sums the others are paying).
    The EU can even demand fishing rights in our waters, NOTHING is off the table as far as the EU is concerned.

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