Fox Hill

This afternoon there was a meeting  by worried residents about the possible naming of Fox Hill as a future development site. I checked that a local Councillor would be present to explain the long process the Council goes through before identifying possible new development locations as well as writing myself  to one of the organisers about it.

The Council has a duty to consider sites proposed by landowners, developers and others, but it also has a duty to listen to the local community and to assess which of the possible sites are the best to meet housing targets that  do least damage to the countryside, drainage system and  environment. Any final decision on a site for inclusion needs to show how the development would fit in with local infrastructure and public service provision.

Anyone with views on this or any other piece of land should send their views to the Planning Department at Wokingham Borough Council.  As MP I do not get a formal say or vote  in these decisions, which are a matter within the power of the Council.