Possible development sites in Wokingham Borough

In  the long run up to the next local plan for Wokingham various landowners and developers will try to promote certain areas where they have an interest as future development sites. The Council has the job of identifying sites that are compatible with their environmental, transport, planning and public service policies, and including the appropriate ones in the draft local plan. This draft document will then be subject to consultation and assessment before it can become a finalised local plan.

I understand the wish of some in the local community to set out opposition to particular sites being pushed by landowners or builders at an early stage in the process. The best thing to do is to write in with objections to the use of such sites to the Council planning department or to the  local Councillors in the affected ward, so these can be taken into account during the early process of sifting possible sites for inclusion.  Any site for housebuilding needs to take into account a range of factors including the  impact on local road network, access to public transport, impact on land drainage, danger of  erosion of green gaps between settlements or areas of special landscape interest or good quality farmland, strains placed  on local health and education services and general environmental impact.

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  1. Cliff. Wokingham
    January 29, 2019

    I wonder at what point Wokingham will be considered fully developed or full.
    It seems that the sleepy little market town which was Wokingham, is unrecognisable.
    I can understand the need to build homes for the offspring of existing residents but, why the thousands of new homes which are being built.
    Will WBC not be happy until we have merged with Reading or Bracknell, because that is almost the reality now.
    Our roads are already full to capacity and I can’t see the so called ring road, which will run through housing estates, will help that much.
    Sometimes it feels as if we are being farmed by the state especially given that so many of the new homes are very small and, in my opinion, resemble hutches.

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