The government has offered some money to 3 local Councils to carry out a feasibility study into placing a settlement of 15000 homes at Grazeley.

I am in favour of Wokingham Borough seeking a local plan revision for the future with a considerably lower housebuilding rate than our present one. I have not supported any place for additional homes in the next phase of our local plan so far and would need to be satisfied about the scale, pace of development, adequacy of local roads and facilities and impact on the present communities. Were the Councils to recommend Grazeley after study they should answer these and related points about how such a development would fit in, what compensation there would  be for people living there, what investment would  be needed, and what protection there would  be against development elsewhere at the same time.


  1. Pete
    March 25, 2019

    Hi John
    If this means properly planned development with transport and other infrastructure then this is to be supported. Especially if it’s instead of poorly planned urban sprawl.

  2. Nick Illingworth
    March 25, 2019

    The overwhelming bias of the anti-democratic establishment and media against a sovereign UK, set against the very clear majority of voters against any further EU interference in our national affairs, calls for active expressions of defiance. This is especially clear-cut in England, calling to mind T.S.Eliot’s statement: ‘We are the people of England who have never spoken yet’. Well, instead of silence, we arguably need a ‘Day of Rage’ in London and throughout the country. I am struck by the growing willingness of professional people like me, who normally work flat out and do not have time for demonstrations or such, to put aside their work concerns and take to the streets. This is unprecedented in my experience and suggests that there is a willing army of potential demonstrators who are looking for leadership from leaver politicians, in otherwise democrats.

  3. Cllr Anthony Pollock
    March 26, 2019

    The current proposal does not pass the “well planned” test suggested above.

    Borough Councillor for Grazeley on Wokingham Borough Council

  4. Alan Jutson
    March 27, 2019

    Can the infrastructure really cope with another 15,000 houses or another 30,000 plus
    people ?

    1. Cllr Anthony Pollock
      March 29, 2019

      I do not think so.

      1. Alan Jutson
        April 1, 2019


        I agree with you.

        If you want to relocate that number of people or more, the best way is to probably construct a new self supporting Town/Village with all that would be needed with regards to support, infrastructure connection, and a full range of facilities.

        1. Big John
          April 2, 2019

          It seems that they don’t care.

          It is interesting that they don’t want to build near T May’s constituency, which have less congested roads, and would be a better place to hit these central government imposed targets.

          I think we need somone independent to look at what is going on.

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