Wokingham Town Centre

Whilst I have been out and about in the Town centre yesterday and today, several people came up and said they thought it was now looking great and worth all the effort and disruption. I was pleased to see so many people about in the cafes, using the shops and visiting the market stalls around  the Town Hall. We do all now need to make the best of it and give some business to all those who are venturing for us, to provide new goods and services in an improved environment.


  1. Alan Jutson
    May 20, 2019

    Agreed John, the Town centre is starting to look good.

    The problem never was the actual thought and planning, but the implementation and management of the project, especially the repaving of Market Place which took forever, and made the whole Town centre an obstacle course and a virtual no go area for two years, with the Council offering very little indeed to support local businesses at the time, some of whom have now gone out of business.

    Not sure about the Elms field Project though, looks all rather overdeveloped to me.

  2. Cliff. Wokingham
    May 20, 2019

    The town centre is indeed looking much better and I suspect, it will look and function even better once the works are fully finished and all shop units are let.
    I hope the light coloured stone sets will age well and not look grubby after a couple of years of footfall and oil leaks from vehicles.

    I like the market and already shop there every week for fruit and veg and bread.
    I believe the Town Council is daft to stop the fruit and veg stall from attending on farmers market day . The WTC say it’s because the stall buys it’s products in rather than grow their own but, I would say each trader and farmer has a different client base.

    I agree that Elms Field looks very over developed but I didn’t support the project in the first place.

    Sir John, do you think that if we do ever actually leave The EU, will the council’s still have to pay landfill tax or could it lead to a real reduction in council tax bills?

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