A greener Wokinghham

I am asking the new Council leadership to consider how we can have a greener Wokingham.

I am suggesting the Council does  more to cut its own energy needs by using more low energy lighting, raising standards of insulation in public buildings. improving heating controls, and studying building use to reduce the need to heat and light all parts of a building when use is more restricted.

I am also keen to see the Council identify and protect more open space at a time of considerable pressure for more development. We need to ensure sufficient landscape is preserved for farming, as green gaps between settlements, as water meadow to assist with flood management , and as space  for parks and for gardens.


  1. David L
    June 2, 2019

    In Gipsy Lane there is a house (no 25) that the owner has gutted and where the “contractors” have deposited piles of assorted debris in the front garden. It has been left to fester for 2 years or more! Neighbouring properties are affected by this dreadful blot on the landscape and it is causing a loss of value to them.
    I understand the Council have been looking into it but with no result. This is a house that should be a home for people, not a refuse site.
    As it isn’t close to my own property I am not directly affected, but I have every sympathy for those who have the misfortune to be adjacent to this disaster. I walk past this heap of misery daily and wonder why there is no improvement.
    Is there any chance you could raise the subject with the Council and maybe stimulate some action, please?

    Reply I will make enquiries

  2. Simon Bailie
    June 3, 2019

    How about NOT selling off so much of Wokingham’s green parkland to property developers….wait, it’s too late for that.
    Did the council not consider the impact of that or were you too interested in lining pockets?
    Did you not consider the ferocious impact the insane increase in houses, population, and therefore cars would have on the pollution levels? This will have a terrible impact on the health of the people of Wokingham, not just the environment.
    ‘Keen to see the council identify and protect more open space’….Too late for most people who live in and around Wokingham….there is now very little green and open space. It’s disgraceful what you and the council have let happen to Wokingham.
    You’ve built on the people’s parks. You/the council took the peoples pool away many years ago too. That goes to show how little you care about the health and fitness of the people of Wokingham. How little you care about hubs for the community. How little you care about places to play, exercise, relax, gather with friends.
    Even the new town development has a major lack of plants and trees. It’s just grey.
    Get planting and make it a lush, green square and town centre at least. Seeing as your council is so set on taking the peoples green space away.

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