Response from Tesco

I recently attended Tesco’s Centenary reception in Parliament on 3 July.

I took the opportunity to raise a number of points about the Wokingham store. I have now received the enclosed reply:


  1. Narrow Shoulders
    July 15, 2019

    The removal of the fish and deli counters at my local store means I only go there for a top up shop.

    Morrison’s and Sainsburys have benefited from Tesco being removed from rotation.

    They evidently costed customers like me into This commercial decision.

  2. Alan Jutson
    July 17, 2019

    Went into Tesco’s yesterday, and the empty deli and fish counters were on show for all to see.

    I simply cannot believe that you can operate these counters for only half the week on a sensible or commercial basis as floor space is so expensive and valuable.
    If people cannot see what is on offer then they will not bother to ask staff if it is in the fridge, I guess these counters will close for good any time soon

    Clearly if there is no demand, then there is no demand, shame as I rather like to choose my fish from a wet counter, and my ham and cold meats from a deli than purchase in a packet.

    Thus will be off to a competitor who offers such a service and product.

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