Bank holiday parking in Wokingham is not all free

Some of the car parks and on street parking is free tomorrow and on other bank holidays and some is not. Do check the complex rules carefully before parking, as Wokingham does enforce parking charges on Bank holidays. Don’t ruin a great day by running up a parking fine.


  1. Lifelogic
    August 25, 2019

    Indeed the LEA often make it vague as that way mugging motorists is easier.

    Some wording I saw in Newbury (for Sunday parking) seemed to me to be designed to imply (but not actually say) Sunday was free. It was not as many discover on return. I pointed out the wording to two people who had not realised. They do it with bus lane times that chop and change as you go along too. You are expected to drive safely while reading all these Lane time signs. Surely this is both dangerous and immoral. Not an efficient way to tax people either.

    1. Lifelogic
      August 25, 2019

      I am reminded of many years ago when Camden first introduced parking charges on Sundays in Camden Towy. They did it by marking a zone (so no clear signs at the place of parking) whole streets of cars were clamped by the the local authority muggers. A good picture of this in the Camden New Journal I think.

      They also had a bus lanes in Camden with confusing signs so that many people got caught on Saturdays. Something like “Restricted Mon-Friday times ………Except Saturdays” but then with Saturday restrictions detail further down the sign. Not so easy to read it all if you are driving along at the time.

      This is no way to raise tax or to treat people whose “public servants” these muggers are supposed to be. It is inefficient, very annoying, not good for blood pressure and totally immoral. The bus lanes are generally empty anyway so why constrict the road by 50%?

    2. Bob
      August 25, 2019

      “You are expected to drive safely while reading all these Lane time signs. Surely this is both dangerous and immoral. “

      Is it deliberate or are the people responsible just thick?

    3. agricola
      August 26, 2019

      Mugging for profit is the way it is these days in theUK. When you allow none people into positions of power it is what you get and in the UK it is gold plated. Government by parking wardens.

  2. Fred H
    August 25, 2019

    A good warning, Wokingham have form on punishing overstays of examples such as 2 mins with reasonable excuse.

  3. Fred H
    August 25, 2019


    The following is credited to one Mr David Wood on a recent Facebook page, msg forwarded to me.

    I have realised that the Remainers have been right all along when they say I did not know all the true facts before voting to leave, and it’s true! We WERE lied to apparently – so I decided to do a little research.
    I just voted to leave because I thought our sovereignty was being compromised by foreign unelected masters. That we were compelled to have unlimited uncontrolled immigration, our laws and export agreements dictated by Brussels bureaucrats – and had to pay eye-watering amounts for the privilege

    I did not know more than 10,000 EU officials get paid more than our Prime Minister.
    I did not know that, unlike the UK, 18 countries get more back from the EU than they put in.
    I did not know that the EU occupies over 45 buildings – 2 of which were purpose built monuments of grandeur and are the largest buildings in Europe.
    I did not know that the EU Parliament spends 150 million euros a year moving to Strasbourg every month for 4 days committee meetings – and any attempt to stop this madness is vetoed by France.
    I did not know that the EU has had a huge luxury tax free shopping Mall built in Brussels for exclusive use of EU employees.
    I did not know that every day queues of chauffeur driven cars, with their engines running, wait outside EU establishments while their occupants go in, sign in for their attendance allowance and expenses, then come straight back out and are driven away.
    I did not know that many of them (like the ……..s) end up as millionaires as a reward for looking the other way!
    I did not know that Clegg was lying when he mocked Nigel Farage for saying that an EU army was being planned – and Brussels said all along that it would NEVER happen.
    I did not know that the EU had been financing the mass movement of industries from UK to mainland Europe.
    I did not know that every member of the EU Council has to swear an Oath of Allegiance to the EU – so they are not a country’s representative to the EU. They are the EU’s representative to the country!
    I could go on and on but suffice it to say that I have never for a moment doubted the correctness of my decision but I am now even surer than ever.
    I am so glad that the Remainers prompted me to look deeper into the bureaucratic absurdity of being a member of the EU.

    1. James1
      August 25, 2019

      David wood for a Prime Minister

    2. Shirley
      August 25, 2019

      Excellent post, Fred. I read all the treaties, including the Five Presidents Report, before the referendum, and was absolutely shocked (gobsmacked actually) at the terms of our membership.

    3. Fred H
      August 25, 2019

      Clue: The millionaires are Welsh.

    4. Sea Warrior
      August 25, 2019

      Excellent post. ‘I did not know that the EU has had a huge luxury tax free shopping Mall built in Brussels for exclusive use of EU employees.’ How very Nomenklaturesque!

  4. Bob
    August 25, 2019

    “George Osborne is unlikely to be the next head of the International Monetary Fund despite Boris Johnson asking Donald Trump to back him in a phone call this week.

    The prime minister spoke to the US president on Monday before this weekend’s G7 summit of world leaders in Biarritz.

    In the call, Mr Johnson is understood to have lobbied for the former chancellor, who now edits the London Evening Standard, to succeed Christine Lagarde as the IMF’s managing director.”

    The Times

    If true, then calls Mr Johnson’s judgement into question.

    1. Lifelogic
      August 25, 2019

      Exactly right it reflects on Boris’s judgement if true. George Osborne is an economic illiterate and was total disaster as Chancellor (as bad even as the appalling Hammond and John (ERM) Major). He is clearly totally lacking in logic, science, understanding of economics and numeracy.

      He even supported HS2!

    2. Sea Warrior
      August 25, 2019

      Osborne’s CV just isn’t good enough to support an application for such a job.

      1. Bob
        August 26, 2019

        But why is Boris sponsoring him for the position?

  5. Iain Gill
    August 25, 2019

    will just stay away

  6. Alan Jutson
    August 25, 2019

    Parking your car, It should be so simple, but it never is.

    Wokingham just like so many other Towns nowadays, fleece the motorist.

    You would think after spending something like £100 million on the new Town centre and layout that they would want to encourage people into the Town.

  7. Aaron
    August 25, 2019

    When the local MP has to tell constituents the local parking rules are complex, maybe there has been a breakdown in common sense. Much better to abandon the high street, with its rubbish bus times, expensive parking and gotcha charges, and just drive to oracle or lexicon. There you are safe in the knowledge that the parking fees are upfront, the busses are just as expensive, and you are not being fleeced by WBC.

    Did no one in WBC do a competitive analysis of the Wokingham highstreet with other local shopping centers and work out who the competition were? Remind me again how much the head of the council gets these days?

    Make the parking free. Give people a reason to go the the high street, otherwise common sense dictates drivers will go somewhere cheaper.

    1. Fred H
      August 25, 2019

      there is vitually no parking on the streets you would you call High St. (there isn’t one). We are talking about proper carpark areas…patrolled by modern day stasi. Following rocket guidance rules.

  8. Ian!
    August 25, 2019

    Wokingham council last year earned 390K from parking fines, but paid a private contractor 360K to apply the fines.

    The town has gone anti car. Just a short while ago it was free parking at the council offices on a Saturday to attract people into the town.

    The latest Wokingham stupid PC idea is big banners at junctions telling motorists to turn their engines off while stopped. Who caused the stoppage in the first place? Wokingham Council of course. Poor new road design has lead to a proliferation of traffic lights and roundabouts. Then when the roundabouts don’t work they add traffic lights to them.

    1. Lifelogic
      August 25, 2019

      Not a very efficient tax! £390K income less £360K collection cost. A tax where over 90% is of the tax is wasted in collection cost. Then they will piss about 50% of the surplus down the drain too!

      Economic insanity!

    2. Everhopeful
      August 26, 2019

      Think there actually is in place a long term batty plan to ban all traffic from all towns. Bristol hopes to become first ghost city?
      Back to horses then? Oh dang!….Methane!

  9. Everhopeful
    August 26, 2019

    Why isn’t ALL parking free ALL the time in OUR towns?
    We pay enough bl**dy council tax/income tax …whatever funds parking.
    And why do TOWN CLERKS now earn vast sums and spend £squillions on mad schemes?
    And why do unavailable-to-most local councillors now get paid?

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