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I am receiving too many contributions and too many long contributions. At this time of heightened emotions on both sides of the EU argument I also do not wish to encourage personal abuse and embittered language and accusations.

I will therefore be deleting more contributions if they contain aggressive language, personal allegations and the like, even if they also contain some  good points. I will also delete  more repetitious and inaccurate submissions.

Comparisons with Hitler and the Nazis are rarely helpful or appropriate, and the language of violence and punishment not normally desirable in a strong exchange of democratic opinions.

As posters know, anything submitted to this site is submitted to be published here, with the names and identifiers sent in also appearing . I do not know if someone is using their own name or an assumed name and if two people post using the same name I do not adjudicate as to whether they can both use their chosen name. As posters here wish to talk to each other on this site I suggest they show each other some courtesy.

If two people write in as Superman with different views it would simplify life if one would use Superman1 or some other descriptor to differentiate. If two Sue Smiths write in it would be helpful if one wrote in as Sue Smith of Lancaster and one as Sue Smith of York or whatever. This is something people wishing to share the same online website should work out for their mutual advantage.


  1. stred
    September 27, 2019

    I don’t think Boris calling the MP’s bill to instruct him to surrender a ‘surrender bill’ is offensive. It’s just accurate description. The MPs whinging yesterday were a disgrace to the country. The AG was accurate too. They are turkeys putting off Christmas.

    1. A.Sedgwick
      September 27, 2019

      Our everyday language is littered with many words that have military connotations. In the circumstances I refrain from listing some but the current objections are totally spurious.

      1. Martin in Cardiff
        September 27, 2019

        The language used in Parliament has had its faults, but it is nothing compared to that of the Tory-backing press, upon whom the party rely to do the real dirty work.

        Commenters here just parrot those silly misrepresentations, as likely do some MPs.

        The bishops need to be heard.

    2. Tad Davison
      September 27, 2019

      I agree, and their words were far less inflammatory and more fitting than the ‘B’ word used by one former Conservative Prime Minister who resented his own MPs stance on the EU and the Maastricht Treaty. He expected them to be in his own limp lettuce image and meekly give away this nation’s sovereignty without question. He was mistaken. Had he given the nation a vote on the Maastricht Treaty’s acceptance and ratification in a referendum, this would be history and the UK would probably be out already.

      So when it comes to intemperate language, Major set a precedent which I have followed ever since in describing those like him who constantly deny the people their democratic right. I let them know my displeasure quite vehemently and in a way parliament would not accept, and needless to say this site too. But we do need to get the message across how angry people are.

    3. Dennis Zoff
      September 30, 2019


      “Saviour, while my heart is tender,
      I would yield that heart to Thee,
      All my powers to Thee surrender,
      Thine, and only Thine to be”
      >>John Bacchus Dykes English clergyman and hymn-writer<<

      I guess people will always be incensed if they are looking to be?

  2. Alouette
    September 27, 2019

    Thank you for these points. We would all benefit from being nicer to each other, whether or not we agree on political matters, and our country needs this message more than ever now.

    1. Tad Davison
      September 27, 2019

      I hope that applies equally to those who are openly and wantonly ageist who let no opportunity pass to insult people of seniority. That needs to be stopped.

  3. Alan Jutson
    September 27, 2019

    Perfectly understand your comments, I have not to my knowledge taken the bait and used any offensive language.

    I have on occasion made more that one post a day in response to some postings, but on the whole I simply ignore the more extremist views of some.

    Many of my postings in the last few months, even very very short ones, seem to have been held in moderation for at least 12 hours, even those as short as “I agree” but I accept its your site, you have other things to do, and you make the rules.

    Many thanks for sharing your views on a daily basis, and allowing a response.

    1. Katy Hibbert
      September 27, 2019

      Good post.

      I would imagine Sir John is just very busy. I understand why he has to pre-moderate comments, and it’s better he does it with his fine mind than delegates to a robot, as some publications do.

  4. Tabulazero
    September 27, 2019

    An is the use of the word “surrender” helpful ?

    You surrender to your enemies, not to friends

    I am quite surprised that the EU and its 27 constituent member states are now implicitly defined as enemies of the UK by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. It is quite insulting actually.

    The use of this word “surrender” is of course no accident. Dominic Cummings is far too smart a political operator for this to be an unfortunate turn of phrase.

    This word is calibrated to subtly call-back to WW2 and appeal to the jingoism of a small subset of the British population which voted Leave.

    I guess the aim is to energise them by reframing the current negotiation that sees the UK leave Europe as a rematch of plucky Brexiter Britain standing all alone against evil German Nazi led EU.

    If it is indeed the case and that we are in WW2 analogy territory, may I respectfully point out that I really do not see Winston Churchill penning two essays over the week-end, one called “we will fight them on the beach” and the other “ let’s welcome our German overlords” before choosing which one would benefit his political career the most…

    … just so that there be no confusion as to the quality of the political personnel here and then.

    1. libertarian
      September 27, 2019


      Your knowledge of the English language and its usage seem remarkably vague.

      Making up a pile of drivel to attempt to substantiate your wholly inaccurate claims is not a good look

      Try not to surrender common sense , please dont surrender to identity politics and surrender to your need to control the narrative

      In line with Sir Johns instructions this post has been severely self modified

      1. Tabulazero
        September 27, 2019

        I wholeheartedly accept your embrace in the name of brotherly love, Libertarian.

      2. Newmania
        September 27, 2019

        Indeed; and not since since William McGonagall has the English tongue been employed with such fluency and style as it is by Libertarian.

        ” please dont surrender to identity politics and surrender to your need to control the narrative”


        1. Anonymous
          September 28, 2019


          Just in case you get picky about my misuse of apostrophes.

        2. libertarian
          September 28, 2019


          Thought you would be busy learning German . After all you told us as a FACT that all the jobs in the city ( including yours ) would be moving to Frankfurt . Hows that going by the way?

          You dont seem to be able to substantiate any of the FACTS you have claimed repeatedly on this forum. Might pay you to actually get something right first dont you think. Managed to open an office in Europe yet? Three years you’ve been trying now apparently..

    2. sm
      September 27, 2019

      Actually, there are many instances where ‘surrender’ is used romantically. May I suggest you are over-egging your own pudding.

      Apologies to all hens, no eggs were broken in the writing of the above sentence.

    3. Lifelogic
      September 27, 2019

      If they were friends they would offer a sensible and fair trade deal, not the putrid May’s W/A expensive handcuffs.

      1. Martin in Cardiff
        September 27, 2019

        Wonderful trading arrangements were one of the many benefits of club membership.

        The UK has opted to leave the club.

        There’s nothing “unfriendly” about the club no longer offering those.

        1. Lifelogic
          September 27, 2019

          It is in their interests to have some free trade agreement with the UK as they export more to use than the reverse. The bureaucrats are not even acting in the interest of the EU members. This as they fear other of the more sensible EU countries will follow us.

          1. RobGray
            September 27, 2019

            Classic Brexiter. “Look here you foreigners it us in your interest to give us a deal so jolly well give us one”. Dont you see your utter arrogance is a big reason the UK is losing all its friends?

          2. libertarian
            September 28, 2019

            Dear RobGray

            The UK has now signed 44 trade agreements and 2 of the 3 biggest markets in the world have indicated strongly that they are also willing to do the same . So these friends we are losing are who exactly?

            By the way every Ultra Remainer tells us that the EU is a trade bloc only. So when we use the indisputable facts about trade , which is WE BUY FAR MORE from them than they buy from us and therefore its in THEIR interests to do a deal to come onto a forum and call your biggest customer arrogant strikes me as pretty bad business

        2. libertarian
          September 27, 2019


          Yet you and other Remainers boast openly about the Free trade Deals that the EU has with other Countries WHO ARENT IN THE CLUB either. So why not offer us similar terms on a friendly basis ?

        3. Sea Warrior
          September 27, 2019

          Offering free trade to Canada and South Korea, who have never paid a brass farthing into the EU’s coffers, and not immediately offering just as good an FTA to a country that has subsidised the EU to the tune of hundreds of billions of pounds, is downright unfriendly.

          1. RobGray
            September 27, 2019

            Do Canada and Korea have a land border with an EU member state? The UK does. Face up to your respinsibilities, accept the backstop

          2. Paul
            September 27, 2019

            France still owns a small island just off the Canadian coast (about 25km), while not a land border the French did try to claim a 200 mile exclusive economic zone under maritime law in the 1980’s to gain access to resources including the Grand Banks

          3. libertarian
            September 28, 2019


            Oh please, go read a history and a geography book, theres a good chap. There are other countries with land borders with the EU you know.

            There are more than one very simple technology solutions to the border as attested by many people expert in cross border flows

            If youre going to start posting here you need to up your game. All these myths have been debunked many times

      2. Ed M
        September 27, 2019


        ‘If they were friends they would offer a sensible and fair trade deal, not the putrid May’s W/A expensive handcuffs’

        – are you friends to Europe (or do you come across as hostile to them)?

        1. The UK voted to join the EEC
        2. The EU has made many concessions to the UK over the decades
        3. The EU is scared of the UK unravelling the EU and the chaos that could ensue (including chaos for the UK).

        YES, let’s leave the EU (and before Jan 2020 by latest), but let’s keep things balanced and fair-minded, and not binary and trying to demonise people both abroad and at home.

        If Sovereignty is an honourable thing (which I strongly believe it is), then we have to act with honour towards Europe, to EVERYONE at HOME, and for the sake of everyone at home – NOW, and for what children will read in their history books in the FUTURE, 50 or a 100 years from now.

        1. Ed M
          September 27, 2019

          (Otherwise children will say, ‘Why act dishonourably over something you believe is honourable’ – like asking, why lie to preserve truth? Or why undermine the spirit of Magna Carta to preserve Magna Carta?)

          (Again, Sovereignty is an honourable thing, but the quest to gain it has often been riddled with moral self-contradictions that don’t only undermine the quest itself but also brings dishonour to the country as well as making us appear foolish to foreigners as well as to future generations here at home).

          1. Ed M
            September 27, 2019

            ‘‘Why act dishonourably over something you believe is honourable’ – even, why act dishonourably at all …

    4. a-tracy
      September 27, 2019

      what would you prefer Tabulazero

      Capitulation Agreement

      1. Tabulazero
        September 27, 2019

        What about the “Benn Act” ?

        … nice. short. not likely to inflame passion


        If Mr Redwood was genuinely concerned about the use of language in British politics, he would request that any further mention to this act on his blog use a more neutral name.

        1. a-tracy
          September 27, 2019

          How about Benn’s Capitulation Act.

          Short, doesn’t inflame passion, shows us as the weak negotiation nation status the Benn Act has put us in. perfect.

          1. Tabulazero
            September 28, 2019

            Not really.

            Boris Johnson has not managed to pass a single thing in Parliament.

            Do you think the EU did not notice ?

            There is no point to discuss with a PM who cannot get anything done.

            Hence there is no negotiating position to weaken

          2. libertarian
            September 28, 2019


            As it stands the current position in law is that we exit the EU on 31st October and trade freely on WTO terms.

            The Benn act ( with the Kinnock amendment) has not been enforced yet.

            I have a genuine question to ask you and Martin & Margaret ( not interested in the other remainers opinions)

            WHY does the EU want the UK to remain in the EU? We have opposed the Euro, Schengen, and further Federal integration. I would have thought that it was in the interests of the EU to have us outside the club so that they can concentrate on achieving the aims set out in Maastricht & Lisbon treaties.

            At the moment the EU looks like East Germany to the rest of the world. Proclaiming itself a workers paradise but using every trick in the book to stop people leaving. Most odd behaviour

    5. matthu
      September 27, 2019

      If EU is empowered to dictate the length of any extension or terms under which such an extension were to be offered, and the UK are already mandated to accept the length of any such extension offered and any other terms dictated by the EU – then we have relinquished certain powers to the EU who are our opponents in the current negotiation.

      I see no useful purpose in trying to differentiate this from a surrender.

      1. Helena
        September 27, 2019

        The EU is NOT empowered to dictate the length of any extension. The Act means Boris has to ask for extension until January. The EU can say yes or no. The EU can also offer a longer or shorter extension and the UK then can say yes or no. “Surrender” is completely the wrong word, it’s just rabblerousing . Don’t join the rabble

        1. a-tracy
          September 27, 2019

          Don’t call people that disagree with you a ‘rabble’ Helena that’s not how being pleasant to each other is meant to work and I take offence at your comment, I have never in my life been part of a disorderly crowd; or a mob, that’s more of a left-wing thing to do.

          People can call May’s withdrawal agreement a surrender document because we happened to agree with the ex Greek PM that first said it was an agreement only a nation defeated in war would sign. We can choose what we believe or don’t believe and don’t need you to tell us how to behave.

          Kicking this can of worms further down the road and putting us into another four months of limbo is not good. It’s going to affect pre-Christmas trade, holiday bookings for 2020, vehicle orders for March 2020 and will continue to.

        2. matthu
          September 27, 2019

          3Duties in connection with Article 50 extension
          (1)If the European Council decides to agree an extension of the period in Article 50(3) of the Treaty on European Union ending at 11.00 pm on 31 October 2019 to the period ending at 11.00pm on 31 January 2020, the Prime Minister must, immediately after such a decision is made, notify the President of the European Council that the United Kingdom agrees to the proposed extension.
          (2)If the European Council decides to agree an extension of the period in Article 50(3) of the Treaty on European Union ending at 11.00pm on 31 October 2019, but to a date other than 11.00pm on 31 January 2020, the Prime Minister must, within a period of two days beginning with the end of the day on which the European Council’s decision is made, or before the end of 30 October 2019, whichever is sooner, notify the President of the European Council that the United Kingdom agrees to the proposed extension.

          (3)But subsection (2) does not apply if the House of Commons has decided not to pass a motion moved by a Minister of the Crown within a period of two calendar days beginning with the end of the day on which the European Council’s decision is made or before the end of 30 October 2019, whichever is sooner, in the following form—
          “That this House has approved the extension to the period in Article 50(3) of the Treaty on European Union which the European Council has decided.”

          (4)Nothing in this section shall prevent the Prime Minister from agreeing to an extension of the period specified in Article 50(3) of the Treaty on European Union otherwise than in accordance with this section.

          So, if the EU offers (say) a 99 year extension, and the offer is received on Friday night, then in order for this not to be accepted, the House of Commons would need to meet on Saturday or Sunday (likely?) and vote not to accept this extension (likely?).

    6. L Jones
      September 27, 2019

      You have just illustrated Sir John’s point perfectly, with a comment far too long and saying nothing either erudite or of interest. It’s this sort of thing that wastes his time. Your comments would waste mine too – but when I see your name I usually skip over them.
      We’re fortunate to have such a common-sense blog to read amid the all the mainstream mania. Long may Sir John consider it’s worth continuing.

      1. Democrazy
        September 28, 2019

        If you are right in what you say – and you may indeed have a point – it begs the question, Why was this particular post so swiftly approved? It has certainly provoked your response as well as many others.

    7. stred
      September 27, 2019

      Our ‘friends’ in the Commission seemed to think that the treaty that they wrote, with the approval of our civil servants, was ‘colonialisation’. With friends like this, who needs enemies to surrender to. I apologise if the c word is offensivein any way to Remainers.

      1. Lifelogic
        September 27, 2019


    8. Richard416
      September 27, 2019

      Of course you can surrender to your friends. If anything I would question whether the e.u. government is our friend.

      1. JC Juncker
        September 27, 2019

        ” I would question whether the e.u. government is our friend.”

        Or the friend of Europeans.
        I suspect that their loyalty to the yellow star spangled banner might not last once the cash dries up.

    9. Ed M
      September 27, 2019

      Don’t see the big problem with ‘surrender’ – it’s puritanical to suggest none of us embellish our language (I do).

      But there’s a major difference between ‘surrender’ and ‘betray’ (sometimes, we have to ‘surrender’ – like at Dunkirk). But ‘betray’ is quite different. Betrayal is level with treason. In the old days, you’d have to reveal your identity if you accused someone of treason, so that the other person could defend their honour in a duel or through the courts. But if identity hidden, then the accusation would be considered cowardly and an insult to the honour of one’s country to use such a word in such a way.

      1. Ed M
        September 27, 2019

        Or if identity known, then betrayal can only be used if backed up the courts. To use the word more casually than this is an insult to the honour that true loyalty and patriotism signifies (like those brave British men and women who risked their lives during WW2 for example).

        Fighting for sovereignty is an honourable thing, but it mustn’t undermine other things that are honourable as well, our Monarchy, Courts – above all, our people, whoever they are, whether Leaver or Remainer.

        1. Dennis Zoff
          September 30, 2019

          Ed M

          Good point.

          Therefore, it would have been honorable if Government/Parliament had supported the request of the people in executing the Democratic decision of the people… would be the case after a General Election….

          ….but look where we are today, due, in the main, to individuals in Parliament and the Executive ignoring the will of the people! Why is that Ed M?

          If one boils down this whole debacle, it is because the Government did not do as the people asked!. The rest is just background noise to deflect away from the original wrong.

  5. Glenn Vaughan
    September 27, 2019


    This is an excellent message if you enforce what you say. Daily innumerable prolix contributions from the usual people is often compounded by their desire to comment upon their own contributions.

    I’m sure you have more important tasks to deal with than feeding their egos with publication of so much verbiage.

  6. William Long
    September 27, 2019

    I never cease to be amazed that you have the time to devote to all of us in the way you do and am very grateful for it.

  7. agricola
    September 27, 2019

    Okay, but stick to it. Otherwise within a week we will have multiple responses combined with those from the dark side of the moon. That our reactions tend to be more in line with the Attorney General when faced with some of the idiocy and outright lies one reads in this diary is not surprising, but not having the advantage of parliamentary privilege I will try to keep the obscenities of WW2 out of my comments.

  8. Newmania
    September 27, 2019

    My efforts are expressed in an ornate courtly manner, a stylistic grace note here, an elegant aphorism there…..and yet I am cruelly ignored . I cannot imagine why ?
    Can we please return to the tale non-existent negotiations ? Do continue, we are gathered around the armchair expectantly…
    …..and then Sir Boris stopped and kissed the Deal which lay sleeping and it yawned and stretched and looked just like Theresa May .. which made all the Brexit goblins cross and they said Boris can`t be a prince any more ……..

    I do enjoy a Fairy tale.

    1. Ed M
      September 27, 2019

      ‘I do enjoy a Fairy tale’

      Invoking The Incredible Hulk shows that Boris is no Churchill or Adenauer. Politics is a very serious business (with its fun moments).

      Saying that, we have to press on and LEAVE the EU by Jan 2020.
      1. Country fed up 2. Parliament failed 3. End of day, Leavers won.

    2. Fred H
      September 27, 2019

      You clearly believe in them.

    3. libertarian
      September 27, 2019


      Is that from the same book of fairy tales as

      All the city jobs are going to Frankfurt and that other children classic, there will be 500,000 job losses or maybe the car industry will all be leaving UK and 9,000 skilled automotive engineering jobs lost? Or Siemens say they are leaving the UK?

      ps British commercial vehicle manufacturing output surged by 47.9% in August as 5,544 units rolled off production lines, nearly 1,800 more than in the same period last year

      Siemens’ new rail factory in Goole – the numbers:
      ▪️£200m investment
      ▪️700 direct jobs
      ▪️1,700 UK supply chain jobs
      ▪️250 jobs in construction phase

      Jaguar Land Rover opens new £500 million Advanced Production Creation Centre at its Gaydon HQ. The largest facility of its type in the UK, it will be a base for almost 13,000 engineers

      Time for bed said Zeberdee

    4. Anonymous
      September 27, 2019

      Sadly you’re correct about Boris. We’re going through a load of conflict to give the impression that a fight is going on. The back-stop ruse is diverting, as it was meant to be.

      See ?

      It’s so difficult to discuss this subject without use of militaristic language.

  9. Pete S
    September 27, 2019

    Just to say; thanks for the blog.

  10. Fred H
    September 27, 2019

    Our PM has been forced to give way to the very people he is negotiating with – what else would you call it? Surrender his views, principles, possibly his career?

  11. Peter
    September 27, 2019

    Thank you for posting this. I would love to see more respectful comments on this site, and a lot more open-mindedness. There are some commenters who seem to listen to the viewpoints of others, who are genuinely interested in exploring the nuance and subtlety. But there are others who come here merely to announce the facts as they see them, and insult those who disagree with them. These people are not going to change any minds – they just make themselves look a bit silly, really.

    It’s no surprise that there are so many of the latter – after all, that seems to be the example being set by the majority of our media and MPs. But to all here, I say – try to be better.

    1. Peter
      September 28, 2019

      A timely example of a poster using an existing username above.

  12. Julie Williams
    September 27, 2019

    Resorting to abuse should be ignored: it means that you are either incapable of forming a decent argument or you know that your case is poor.
    On the other hand, neither Cox nor Johnson said anything abusive, on the other hand, the ensuing self-righteous indignation was brandished by politicians who clearly have no self-awareness.
    Thanks for blogging at a busy time.

  13. Leaver
    September 27, 2019

    I agree entirely.

    Though I already see words like ‘idiocy’, ‘outright lies’, ‘disrace’, ‘drivel’, ‘putrid’ being used in response to your post. It seems people aren’t getting the message.

    Also, just to reply to J C Junker’s point about me being a false flag remainer, I can only repeat I want to leave the E.U and voted for it.

    Just because I happen to believe the withdrawal agreement is the only sensible way of doing it, it doesn’t make me the enemy. I could be equally hostile against the so called Spartans or No Dealers, who I blame for stopping Brexit. Indeed, had parliament actually voted for the withdrawal agreement, we would have left months ago – rather than imperilling the entire project, as we appear to be doing.

  14. ukretired123
    September 27, 2019

    Agreed so we can here any sound positives why on earth we should remain in an unreformable non-listening economic straitjacket EU. I can !listen to Ode to joy on a CD and their EU flags remind me of China (but) blue.
    I skip lots of lengthy comments after the first few lines as it’s often a rant or therapy dump with no new positive ideas.
    Thank you Sir for your efforts to inform without fear standing up for ordinary people despite the nonsense.

  15. KevinDavies14`
    September 27, 2019

    Sir John as a constituent of yours I am proud to be such a privileged individual. I agree that There is no need for vitriol and animosity toward people who have a different opinion, it is not an English trait that I was brought up to believe. Everyone is entitled to their opinion (however wrong they may be).

  16. Pominoz
    September 27, 2019

    Sir John,

    As ever, sensible comments from you – particularly about the names of those submitting. e.g. we know who Andy is, but the other Andy should differentiate so that his comments are not simply ignored by the majority.

    I really do not know how, with all your other commitments, you keep on top of this blog. It is a most valuable source of opinion and I, for one, am most grateful to you.

  17. Atlas
    September 27, 2019

    Is it just me or have I noticed that the Broadcasters always go to same select band of ‘rent-a-quote’ types – usually with a Remain agenda? If so then this bias is corrosive to rational discourse.

    1. Stephen Priest
      September 27, 2019

      Rent a quote Labours MPs who seem to have very little knowledge of the EU.

      So they trot out lines like “we’ll never get a better deal than the one we’ve got now” or “we should leave the EU but stay in the Customs Union, the Single Market and the jurisdiction of the ECJ”

      Best of all “nobody voted for no deal.”

      1. Doug Powell
        September 27, 2019

        Don’t forget the other well worn favourite: “CRASH” out of the EU!

        Remoaners would gain some respect if they showed an ounce of originality! But that is the EU for you, not only does it want to suppress individual Nation States, it also wants to suppress the Individual!
        It will no rest until the peoples of the EU are robotic zombies uttering what passes for conversation from a narrow bland vocabulary!

        I see Sky News is challenging the BBC for the UK’s chief EU grovelling news outlet! It currently has a backdrop saying ‘Brexit Crisis’ against a background of blue and yellow – no sight anywhere of the Union Flag! Also, their OBs from College Green always have remoaners in shot, waving that awful apology for a flag!

        1. Mark B
          September 28, 2019

          The thing about that flag, it was first, and still is, used by the Council of Europe. ie The EU plagiarised it. And the funny thing is, these Remainers don’t even know it.


  18. The House of York
    September 27, 2019

    The recent decision of The Supreme Court was referenced by itself to specific noted instances
    in literature written in the 1600s. So too, decisions by our Remainer Parliament.
    In what ways have both any idea whatsoever in the slightest degree of the particular contexts in which those texts were written and the purposes for which they were written and in deed if they were in fact written at the date and time on the tin? Answer NONE that bears linguistic scrutiny

  19. percy openshaw
    September 27, 2019

    Fair enough, Sir John. But you must realise that these threads offer your correspondents a much needed vent for very strong feelings indeed; and you will, perhaps, agree that much has unfortunately been done to provoke such feelings. Of course, good argument is key – but it has to address the public as they are. And when they are angry, the great orator will express that anger, although only the demagogue will seek to increase it or turn towards violence. Fail to orate, however, and you give the demagogues their chance. I hope this is not too long.

  20. Iain Gill
    September 27, 2019

    Love, Light and Peace

  21. Sue Doughty
    September 27, 2019

    This issue is upsetting a lot of us, mainly we just want it done and finished.
    There are children in care in this country who feel safer sleeping on the streets than in the care home because of the threat of violence. There is a massive crisis in knife crime on our streets, but MPs are more concerned for their own personal safety.
    Being as obnoxious and rude as the script of a soap opera (Eastenders) seems to be fashionable. I blame the BBC.

  22. Alan France
    September 27, 2019

    I find it difficult to understand how any Liberal member, or supported, can complain about language and attitude when her party has B******s to Brexit as a strap line.

    1. Doug Powell
      September 27, 2019

      As has been said many times before, Alan, the party in question is neither liberal nor democratic! In fact, they should be officially re-named ‘The Illiberal Nondems!’ – Whatever happened to the ‘Trades’ Description Act?’

      Also, can you imagine the uproar if Brexiteers wore T-shirts with “B******s to the EU” on them?

      The stark fact is: There are too many people in our country, and worldwide, who wake up in the morning with the sole reason for their existence being to actively seek to be offended! – Invariably, it is contrived, or fake indignation!

      1. Fedupsoutherner
        September 27, 2019

        Well said Doug. Surrender! Who ever would have thought the word would offend! Bo****cks, racist, etc yes, but surrender?

  23. Anonymous
    September 27, 2019

    OK, John.

    Group hug to Andy, Newmania, Martin in Cardiff and Margaret Howard (who turned me veggie/pescatarian.)

    I’m sure no-one here *actually* wants to harm one another.

    (I dislike it when other people use my chosen blog name too ! It’s a bit of a cheek if you ask me.)

    1. margaret howard
      September 27, 2019


      “Margaret Howard (who turned me veggie/pescatarian.)”

      All else if forgiven -:)

    2. steve
      September 27, 2019


      “I’m sure no-one here *actually* wants to harm one another.”

      Well, I don’t take kindly to having my country betrayed.

      I think you should consider the harm being done to the country by remain.

  24. oldwulf
    September 27, 2019

    I believe that Twitter imposes a tweet limit of 280 characters.Maybe our host should impose the same limit on our comments ?

    1. Narrow Shoulders
      September 27, 2019

      This would prevent some very interesting and informative posts.

      Better that the pompous, self censor.

    2. Mark B
      September 28, 2019

      Just hold the Trolls in moderation until the next day. Most of the posts are responses to them. When I see their names I just scroll, and scroll, and scroll past all the posts after them. You will be amazed at the number ! Sometimes it can be a third of a way down a page until I get to the first unique poster. And some people wonder why I complain ?

  25. a-tracy
    September 27, 2019

    The problem with vague reprimands John is that everyone thinks they are innocent and its other parties that are at fault. I don’t take this approach with employees because all of the decent good colleagues get really cross with blanket telling offs and prefer I deal with culprits individually. Perhaps you could ask your blog creator if you could just have a ‘repudiate’ button that lets the person posting know their post has been deemed unworthy (you don’t need to give reasons – it’s your blog share what you wish) instead of just ‘in moderation’.

  26. acorn
    September 27, 2019

    JR, can I take it that if I comment and include a link to bonafide, corroborated data sources, (like my deleted comment to Helena today) it will automatically fail moderation? If so I won’t bother.

    1. Narrow Shoulders
      September 27, 2019

      I hope not acorn. I often disagree with you but follow your links so I see the other side.

      1. Mark B
        September 28, 2019

        Me too !

        Keep posting, acorn.

  27. Jack Falstaff
    September 27, 2019

    In the past week we have seen bleaters in the House of Commons decrying “offensive language” by their opponents, which is simply a try-on to prevent democracy and impose their repugnant exaggerations of political correctness upon us.
    They forget that democracy is “people power” and that the “sovereignty of parliament” is only by permission of the electorate.
    In no way should such behaviour be conflated with conversation on Sir John’s blog, or what he requests here, because, of all the MPs in the lower house, it should be obvious to all that he is one of the most elegant, reasonable, least given to hysteria or hyperbole, and respectful members.
    If all members could respect his code of honour, I could certainly live with that.

  28. Ian @Barkham
    September 27, 2019

    Postings to this blog

    Sir John, I thank you for the effort you take in making this site possible. Your hard work is appreciated.

    As requested I have changed my name for clarity. Also sticking to the subject of the blog

  29. Ginty
    September 27, 2019

    For three years the abusive language has come from Remain and I invite readers to read the archives of this blog for proof. This is replicated in day to day life.

    Leavers are called ‘racists’. It is a crime to be racist, prosecuted with more vigour than child sex offences and with greater stigma. Leavers are called stupid, which is fighting talk in any era, yet we are not credited with turning the other cheek and this in addition our vote being ignored because of it.

    Remain are making themselves look petulant and bad tempered.

    Leave would prevail in a general election so bring it on.

    1. Ed M
      September 27, 2019

      “I voted Remain, not just for political reasons but because my mother-in-law moved to Spain and I want her to stay there.” [joke ..]

  30. Helen Smith
    September 27, 2019

    I hope I am always polite and brief Sir John, not my fault I married a Smith lol. As my mum once said about something else, it’s not his fault, it’s his parents fault!

  31. John Hatfield
    September 27, 2019

    Nor are insults to our host required.

  32. Katy Hibbert
    September 27, 2019

    It strikes me as odd that the Remainers in Parliament are happy with a foul-mouthed slogan from the Lib Dems regarding Brexit and yet clutch their pearls when Boris says “humbug”, a word of almost Dickensian quaintness.

  33. Chris S
    September 27, 2019

    I can confirm that all posts that have appeared under the name of “Chris S” have come from me.

  34. Oliver
    September 28, 2019

    Sir John – what you “should” be doing is, starting from Mays BRINO WA, edit all the points that are unacceptable, and substitute what is acceptable. Then translate it into however many EU languages there are, and present it to the EU Council, and simultaneously every internet, media outlet in Europe, so that the citizens can see the reasonableness of what is proposed, and invite the EU to either accept it, or take ALL the blame for the “No Deal” consequences their intransigence will impose on everyone – especially Eire, who will chuck out their “PM” the next day.

    But I expect you’ve already done this?

  35. steve
    September 28, 2019


    Noting that you have deleted some of mine (not that I take it personally – it’s your site after all) I offer my view that perhaps part of the problem with general tone on here is caused by the presence of left wing remain minded people, who appear to be on a vicious offensive against the referendum result.

    The fact that you ‘appear’ to be allowing their vitriol but deleting our responses does not, in my opinion bode well.

    Might I suggest you clarify whether this site is predominantly a remain or leave oriented ?

    If the former then fair do’s we can go somewhere else, if the latter then why you allow these left wingers to come on here with their ‘smash the evil tories ‘ bile is a mystery. They should be the ones moderated out.

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