Conservative Conference 2019

My current plan is to attend the Conference on Monday, subject to events in Parliament. I have been given permission by the Whips to be absent on Monday to honour speaking engagements in Manchester.

If all goes to plan I will be speaking

11.00am  “Problem debt and poverty”  Centre for Social Justice Panel discussion    Room 15/16 Radison Blu Hotel, Free Trade Hall Peter Street

13.00   Bruges Group   Panel Discussion  with Arlene Foster, Martin Howe and Mark Francois on trade, Irish backstop and related matters

The Comedy Store Arches 3 and 4, Deansgate Locks Whitworth Street West

18.30  “Leaving in a month,  no ifs, no buts ” Politeia  The Mechanics Institute, 103 Princess Street

Jacob Rees Mogg also down to speak


  1. Steve Reay
    September 28, 2019

    Phil hammond will not attend he says. On the point of Rudd taking over from Boris .Brexiteers will vote for Boris not Rudd they would rather vote for the Brexit party than any of Boris’s replacement . Boris is our last chance to get this done.

    1. BW
      September 29, 2019

      If a remoaner takes over the party the conservatives party will be sent to the wilderness. Boris is our last chance of getting out of this awful EU

    2. Oggy
      September 29, 2019

      Absolutely correct.

  2. James Bertram
    September 28, 2019

    I hope top of your speaking agenda will be this:
    Good luck.
    (Note: I’ve added this reference to today’s BrexitFacts4EU website comments).

  3. Derek Henry
    September 28, 2019

    As someone who has never voted Conservative because of their crazy gold standard, fixed exchange rate ” fiscal conservative ” rules that no longer apply to our current monetary system.

    I wish you all the best John. I really do and good luck.

  4. Rule Britannia
    September 28, 2019

    Good luck with that – I suspect the lefty alliance will find some nutty vote that means you & JRM will have to rush back.

    1. rose
      September 29, 2019

      Votes for 16 year olds and foreigners.

  5. agricola
    September 28, 2019

    I bet Lifelogic attends every day, and has much to say as a result. The CPC is a symptom of what is sick about our joke parliament.

    1. Lifelogic
      September 28, 2019

      I have never been to a CPC. I am not even a member of the Party and have never been one. How could anyone possibly join the CP with duff leaders like Heath, Major, Cameron and T May. Perhaps is Boris delivers a real & clean Brexit (with a Brexit Party Deal) I might then join. Even Mrs Thatcher made huge and predictable errors.

  6. forthurst
    September 28, 2019

    For JR’s diary: Monday 4pm:

    ” Private round-table: Food engineering – the UK’s biggest manufacturing sector: the vital ingredient for economic growth? This session will ask ‘How do we ensure our thriving food engineering sector remains globally competitive?’”

    It’s good to know that there is still an engineering industry left which hasn’t been flogged off by the Tories to our competitors even though engineering cream buns isn’t most Englishmen’s idea of our glorious engineering heritage.

    1. steve
      September 28, 2019

      “It’s good to know that there is still an engineering industry left which hasn’t been flogged off by the Tories”

      …or indeed wrecked by Labour and the unions.

    2. What Tiler
      September 28, 2019

      Better to remain silent and be thought an idiot, than to post and remove all doubt.

      (Sorry JR redact away, I’m ready for it)

      1. forthurst
        September 28, 2019


    3. libertarian
      September 30, 2019


      What an odd post

      Our engineering and manufacturing sector is thriving , they are world leaders in all kinds of advanced technologies

      Unless I missed the tories nationalising industries, how exactly did the Tories flog off private companies ?

      I await your explanation with bated breath

  7. Richard416
    September 28, 2019

    I wish you all the best for a great conference Sir John.

  8. GilesB
    September 28, 2019

    I have booked a place for the Bruges Group meeting.

    Looking forward to it.

    Hopefully future opportunities outside the EU can be discussed rather than distractions about the backstop, which really isn’t an issue at all. And no-one thought it was until Barnier/Robbins/Varadkar invented it as a problem

  9. Fred H
    September 28, 2019

    Pity I cannot attend anything. We decided to pay what might be a final visit to Italy next week. Purpose? To quietly test the temperature in touristy places, re- UK choosing to holiday outside EU places during the coming years, whether a member or not. If we manage to escape the clutches soonest, we are much more likely to stay happy to visit. Otherwise ….ciao

  10. steve
    September 28, 2019


    The topics of your Manchester schedule appear quite interesting.

    In particular:

    Problem debt and poverty.

    – which is a curse on society I’d like to see removed with the help of education in the schools.

    Leaving no if’s no but’s.

    – we shall have to see. I can’t help but form sentiment that the left wing snarlers, poor drama queen victims of public outrage, and professional offence seekers will somehow keep us in the EU after 31st.

    BUT…..We will get them at the ballot box and they know it.

  11. Ian Pennell
    September 28, 2019

    Dear Sir John Redwood,

    I would advise that you and Conservative colleagues go to Conservative Party Conference – and stay there. Please advise the Prime Minister to do the same.

    If Labour and the SNP table a Vote of No Confidence on Monday DO NOT rush back and let it undermine the Conservative Party’s One Real Chance to Speak To The Nation as a Party. If the Government falls you Conservative MPs, with the DUP, can do everything possible to persuade expelled Conservative MPs and Labour Brexit- supporters NOT to support a Remainer Coalition Government. Then after 14 days you get to an Election fought by the Conservatives on a popular pro-growth “People vs Parliament” Platform! If a Remain Coalition Government does form they can carry the can for delaying Brexit!

    If there is a Vote to Take Control of The Order Paper on Monday – so that Remainer MPs can pass another anti- Brexit Bill (or amend the Benn Bill so that Boris Johnson has to send the letter to the EU begging for an extension earlier) on Tuesday – DO NOT RUSH BACK: It’ll likely make no difference anyway- and dont you those nasty Opportunist Remainer MPs undermine the Conservative Conference ! Boris Johnson can later in the week ask the Queen to refuse Royal Assent to any new Remainer Bill before it clears the Hous of Lords (likely after Conference)! Boris Johnson should also ask the Queen (through her Privy Council) to pressurise the Courts not to declare the Refusal of Royal Assent null and void – like they did with Prorogation – otherwise they should face the sack!

    Enjoy the Conservative Conference: This year you should have “Land Of Hope And Glory” before Boris Johnson’s speech!

    Ian Pennell

    1. Ian Pennell
      September 28, 2019

      Sorry, I meant to say “Don’t you LET those nasty Opportunist Remainer MPs undermine the Conservative Conference!”

  12. Gary
    September 28, 2019

    Here’s one thing that will surely work to replace the Backstop- the UK government gives a legally binding declaration to facilitate a border poll in the event that UK cannot come up with another workable acceptable solution- you can bounce that off Arlene when you see her. Tell her we are coming nearer to that time anyhow- cannot hold the tide back

  13. Alan Jutson
    September 28, 2019

    I am sure your speeches will go down well as usual.

    Shame the Labour and Liberals having taken advantage of not having to attend Parliament, had their own conferences, and then refused yours, but given both of them had disastrous events, perhaps its done the Conservatives a favour.

    Lets hope your lot do not make such a mess of there own.

  14. Lindsay McDougall
    September 28, 2019

    I repeat, why not just enjoy your conference and ignore parliament – a sort of unilateral proroguing?

    If a vote of No Confidence is brought, do we want to win it? Maybe we do now but after October 19th we might not.

    I hope the SNP are right, that Boris Johnson will not sign the Benn letter and send it to Brussels. As I suggested, he might print it off on House of Commons notepaper, place a grumpy emoji in the signature location and pp it for Corbyn, Bercow and Benn. Then he could simultaneously write his own letter to the European Commission stating that he does NOT want an extension.

  15. Helena
    September 29, 2019

    A Bruges Group event involving speakers who have consistently revealed their complete failure to grasp the purpose of the Irish backstop is taking place at the Comedy Store? Glad to someone has a sense of humour. I can’t be there, so do please ask the panel the following question: “Every single land border on the planet between two countries with different rules on tariffs and standards has physical infrastructure. How do you propose to avoid this at the border in Ireland without accepting the backstop?”

    1. Pud
      September 29, 2019

      The purpose of the Irish backstop is to negate the referendum result by keeping the UK under the control of the EU. I don’t recall any mention of problems with the border pre-referendum, the alleged issues only manifested post-referendum (as did the phrases soft- and hard-Brexit). Feel free to cite sources proving widespread discussion of issues with the border pre-referendum.
      Perhaps you are unaware that the border already copes with different currencies and tax rates on each side?

      1. Helena
        September 29, 2019

        Try this BBC report from early 2016, Pud.
        The now Prime Minsiter simply tells us there will be no hard border after Brexit. He doesn’t tell us why, he doesn’t tell us how. He just crosses his fingers behind his back, and hopes for the best. And that’s all he is doing now. Everyone who understood the situation knew in 2016 that the border is invisible only thanks to the EU and the Good Friday Agreemeent – this is why Northern Ireland voted heavily Remain. But the Leave campaign irresponsbily refused to even address the matter. It has now caught up with them. Backstop!

        1. Edward2
          September 29, 2019

          You forgot to say the Republic of Ireland and the Government in Northern Ireland have also said there will be no hard border.
          Presumably you think the EU army will invade and build a Trumpian wall.

        2. Pud
          September 29, 2019

          Helena, the report you link to briefly mentions Boris saying he doesn’t believe that the Irish border will have any difficulties post-Brexit. It mainly covers other points e.g. will Northern Irish farmers lose subsidies? Couldn’t you find an article from a Remainer pre-Brexit stating what the problems with the border would be?
          Since my post this morning I’ve remembered that both HMRC and their Irish equivalents have said there should be no problems with the border and also that they were prevented from talking by pro-Remain governments.

    2. Edward2
      September 29, 2019

      Here is a list of land-borders between the EU and non-EU states/territories that are not considered a threat to the integrity of the EU’s Single-Market & Customs-Union ..

      Austria–Liechtenstein border
      Austria–Switzerland border
      Bulgaria–North Macedonia border
      Bulgaria–Serbia border
      Bulgaria–Turkey border
      Croatia–Bosnia and Herzegovina border
      Croatia–Montenegro border
      Croatia–Serbia border
      Cyprus–Akrotiri and Dhekelia (UK) borders (Akrotiri and Dhekelia have not been part of the EU)
      Estonia–Russia border
      Finland–Norway border
      Finland–Russia border
      France–Andorra border
      France–Brazil border
      France–Monaco border
      France–Sint Maarten border
      France–Suriname border
      France–Switzerland border
      Germany–Switzerland border
      Greece–Albania border
      Greece–North Macedonia border
      Greece–Turkey border
      Hungary–Serbia border
      Hungary–Ukraine border
      Italy–San Marino border
      Italy–Switzerland border
      Italy–Vatican City border
      Latvia–Belarus border
      Latvia–Russia border
      Lithuania–Belarus border
      Lithuania–Russia border
      Poland–Belarus border
      Poland–Russia border
      Poland–Ukraine border
      Romania–Moldova border
      Romania–Serbia border
      Romania–Ukraine border
      Slovakia–Ukraine border
      Spain–Andorra border
      Spain–Morocco border
      Sweden–Norway border

      … a list of land-borders between the EU and non-EU states/territories that ARE considered a threat to the integrity of the EU’s Single-Market & Customs-Union ..

      Northern Ireland–Republic of Ireland border

      1. Helena
        September 29, 2019

        Edward, every single one of those borders on your list has physical infrastructure. That’s the point – they are external EU borders, so they have to. And NI/ Ireland will have to have physical infrastructure too – unless you accept the backstop. This is what Brexit means, this is what you voted for. If you don’t like the backstop, you should have thought about how bad it is before you voted for Brexit. No oen to blame for the backstop — except you Brexit voters

        1. Edward2
          September 29, 2019

          It has got physical infrastructures now.
          That was my point.

          There is even a programme on TV showing customs officials on both sides of the border stopping and checking cars and lorries.
          Some get fined
          Some get their vehicles impounded.
          Some get prosecuted.
          There are different taxation policies,different currencies,different rates of VAT, different rates of car taxation and different tax rates on tobacco and alcohol.
          Right now.
          And it is being policed right now.

          1. Edward2
            September 29, 2019

            Sorry, typo…at the end of that long list it should of course say:-

            …that are NOT considered a threat to the integrity of the EUs singlemarket and customs union.

          2. Len Sawes
            September 29, 2019

            So Brexit means new barriers to trade. How can that possibly be a good thing?

          3. Edward2
            September 29, 2019

            What new barriers are you concerned about Len?

        2. Denis Cooper
          September 29, 2019

          “… every single one of those borders on your list has physical infrastructure … they are external EU borders, so they have to. And NI/ Ireland will have to have physical infrastructure too – unless you accept the backstop.”

          So, Helena, please just explain to us, in clear terms, how the “backstop” would operate to render it unnecessary for the Irish/EU authorities to erect, and possibly man, physical infrastructure on their side of the border.

          Not in the woolly “insurance policy against a hard border” terms which are acceptable to the media, but in more precise terms such as:

          “Because of X (and maybe Y and Z) which would be provided under the backstop, even when the UK had left the EU it would not become necessary for the Irish/EU authorities to routinely intercept and inspect incoming goods at the border as they used to do before the advent of the EU Single Market”.

          Of course as far as the UK side of the border is concerned, it has already been enshrined in UK law that we will not be erecting any new infrastructure or introducing any new controls without the agreement of the EU.

          “Nothing in section 8, 9 or 23(1) or (6) of this Act authorises regulations which …

          (b) create or facilitate border arrangements between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland after exit day which feature physical infrastructure, including border posts, or checks and controls, that did not exist before exit day and are not in accordance with an agreement between the United Kingdom and the EU.”

        3. Fred H
          September 29, 2019

          So you imagine that the torrent of goods crossing a lack of physical border into Ireland will be vast enough to unsettle and bring the EU into disaster? Most remoaners on here try to score points about how large EU is compared to UK (85% to 15%). Ireland GDP = 366 bn vs UK GDP = 2808 bn. I imagine people would notice and stop the movements? Plus the extra shipping to N.Ireland, and out from Ireland might be a clue?

    3. libertarian
      September 30, 2019


      The NI/RoI border has been open since the CTA in 1923 long before the EU existed. There is NOW and always has been a physical infrastructure at crossing points but its minimal. Using technology you dont have to stop at it even . Do keep up

  16. formula57
    September 29, 2019

    So a precedent is to be set then: no need in future for the people’s work to cease annually to enable party conferences.

  17. Dioclese
    September 29, 2019

    Sad to see that your former Conservative colleague Dr. Lee will be standing against you at the next GE. As a past constituent of yours in Wokingham, I sincerely hope you will wipe the floor with him. After your many years of excellent service, it would be a travesty if he beat you.
    I regret that having moved away I will not be able to lend you my vote…

    Reply Thank you for the comment.

  18. Fred H
    September 29, 2019

    Will there be questions from ‘the floor’ regarding a No 10 investigation, long since overdue, to determine what communication and plotted outcome, has been going on between certain de-whipped MPs, and EU officials.
    Although the facts may not bear what people allege as treason, if found true, full publicity should be made in order to name and shame. The role of Speaker also invites examination.

  19. Gareth Warren
    September 29, 2019

    All I can do is request someone video’s the meetings, it will be interesting to watch.

  20. Rule Britannia
    September 29, 2019

    Guido reporting that the left are planning to use conference as a chance to push through votes for 16 year olds. Time to veto via refusing Royal Assent Boris.

  21. Owen
    September 29, 2019

    What’s your take on Sterling speculation longs/shorts over next month.

  22. Helen Smith
    September 29, 2019

    I have to say I am absolutely appalled by the sheer spite of Labour and the Lib Dems, they were able to enjoy their conferences but are intent of disrupting the Tories, what is the betting there will be a VONC on Wednesday?

    Can you imagine Labour MPs of old, James Callaghan, Harold Wilson, behaving like that?

    I am also shocked and frightened by the idea that they might seize control of the HoC again in order to push through a drop in the voting age to 16, that was not in their manifestos and would be gerrymandering of the highest order. How can that be right? What is going on in this country?

    1. Edward2
      September 29, 2019

      I agree Helen.
      It is a real low point in Parliamentary history.
      A good Speaker would stop these irregularities happening and use his powers properly.

  23. Lindsay McDougall
    September 29, 2019

    Jacob Rees-Mogg, as Leader of the House, is the one person who must stay at the Commons to prevent further skulduggery. He can also have some fun by allocating a week long debate on the past, present and future of the European Union, in view of its oft expressed (and undeniable) desire to become a Federal European SuperState.

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