Update on Wokingham Borough Council’s highways programme

I have received this update from Wokingham Borough Council:

Wokingham Borough Council takes another step forward in its fight against congestion as its major highways project reaches another milestone with the final section of the North Wokingham Distributor Road (NWDR) receiving planning permission.

Once complete, the full NWDR, which is scheduled to open in its entirety to traffic in autumn 2021, will connect the A329 near the BP garage on Reading Road, with the A329(M) Reading to Bracknell motorway near the Coppid Beech roundabout junction. It will provide a link from Winnersh to the A329(M) enabling road-users direct access without the need to go through Wokingham town centre which will also help to alleviate congestion in the town centre.

Sections of the NWDR are already operational, with other sections due to commence construction shortly.  The construction on the final section of the NWDR, referred to as Ashridge Farm, planned to start in Autumn 2020 and detailed design work is already underway. Site preparation and utilities re-routing works begin later this autumn.

When complete, the new road will provide access to the developments at Matthewsgreen, Kentwood Farm and Keephatch Beech and provide these areas with convenient and direct access to the motorway network giving access to both the A329 (M) and the M4.   It will also provide a link from Winnersh (A329 Reading Road) to the Coppid Beach Roundabout with the A329(M).

“We are building vital new strategic roads and carrying out significant highway improvements which will help facilitate growth in the borough and alleviate congestion,” said Cllr Pauline Jorgensen, executive member for highways and transport.

“We are committing substantial investment, secured from developers, in a wide range of infrastructure, including new schools, open spaces, sports, leisure and community facilities, and roads, amounting to nearly £1 billion of investment”.

NWDR is part of the council’s  major highways project that also consists of South Wokingham Distributor Road, Winnersh Relief Road, Arborfield Relief Road and Barkham Bridge, as well as the completed Shinfield Eastern Relief Road, all of which are being built to minimise the impact of traffic growth around the new housing developments and surrounding areas.

For further information on the major highways project visit the council’s website and search major new roads


  1. alan jutson
    October 25, 2019

    Such a shame this ring road type plan was not put in place before the new housing developments had been planned or constructed, then we could have had a wider road, with fewer tight bends that did not run through new housing estates where parking is minimal, and house density is high.
    I have used part of this route just to see how it performs, I suggest it will be an absolute nightmare for heavy commercial vehicles, who I suggest will still prefer the direct route through the Town.

    The planned southern relief road due at the moment to exit at the busy Tesco Roundabout situated between two low and narrow bridges is no better, again it will run through housing estates.

  2. Fed up
    October 28, 2019

    “We are building vital new strategic roads and carrying out significant highway improvements which will help facilitate growth in the borough and alleviate congestion,”

    Currently everywhere I drive locally, there are constant roadworks, and new houses being built. Try driving anywhere without this happening is not possible.

    As fast as roads are improved, more houses are built, and roads are congested once again…

    I truly think central/local government do not care or listen.

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