Discussion with Supt Nick John, Local Police Area Commander, West Berkshire

On Friday I welcomed Superintendent Nick John to his post of Local Police Area Commander, West Berkshire and thanked him for the work of the local police force in the constituency. We discussed illegal encampments which had caused some worries and problems over the summer, and I said that I would be grateful if the police can continue to work closely with the Council and residents to tackle these promptly where they cause nuisance.

I also raised issues of violent crime including knife crime, internet fraud against vulnerable people, drug dealing and abuse, especially where it involves schoolchildren.

I look forward to the Thames Valley Police benefiting from additional police personnel to help tackle this on a nationwide basis.

I will pass on cases and general worries of the community to Supt John and I look forward to working with him and his team.

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  1. Dennis
    October 28, 2019

    Wasn’t a new law passed recently with more draconian penalties for carrying knife? That seems to have engendered a snook cocking + reaction.

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