More GPs and more appointments for patients

I have been lobbying for more GPs and better access for people needing appointments. The last Health Secretary announced money for more doctors, but retaining some of the Doctors we already have is also proving difficult.

I welcome today’s announcement from the current Health Secretary that some of the extra money available for the NHS will go on  training more young people to be doctors, and on recruiting more GPs to make it easier for surgeries to provide timely appointments for all  needing them. I have been  following up  about the local situation on GP numbers and services.

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  1. Ian @Barkham
    November 9, 2019

    Sir John

    My two penneth based on the local services in Wokingham, In the last 10 years for the first time ever in my life I have had the requirement to use the services of the Health Service.

    I have had 2 major procedures one at the Royal Berks and the other at the John Radcliff. Each time the care and attention has been exceptional. As has the service provided by the Wokingham Medical centre in recognizing the need for the above and subsequently follow ups.

    The pressure if there is any comes from the MSM wanting to sell their own political projects and generally any criticism is out of context to the situation.

    Reply I am pleased to hear this. I am pursuing this matter because a few people locally have had difficulties getting an appointment. We also need to expand provision to keep pace with increasing demand.

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