Election candidates debate for Wokingham

I was asked by Churches Together in Wokingham if I would join a debate with the other candidates for the General Election. I replied promptly, offering dates and encouraging the initiative.

I am now told that only half the other candidates have agreed to such an event. I would urge all candidates to take up the Churches offer. I cannot see the point of going ahead with candidates missing. That seems unfair and means any audience would not see the full picture of the election. I am happy to find a different date if that helps.

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  1. BW
    November 27, 2019

    Hello SJR.
    My word are we being bombarded by Lib Dem literature. Every other day another load of rubbish comes through the door.
    I want The Lib Dem candidate to come to my door in person so I can explain to him that I would rather vote for a party from Mars.

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