A Wokingham debate?

Near the start of the election I was asked if I would join a five candidates debate to be organised by the Churches Together. I responded swiftly and positively, and offered a choice of dates. The organisers tried to get the other four candidates to agree, but half of them refused to attend.

I said I was still happy to do an all candidates debate and was willing to find a different date or time if that helped. I was told recently that half the other candidates are still refusing to undertake such a debate. I therefore will not be attending a joint platform meeting with just half the other candidates.

The main sensible purpose of any such  meeting is to provide undecided  voters with the opportunity to hear exchanges between all candidates before deciding how to vote. How can we have a sensible debate for example  about the range of options on offer on the very important topic of green policy without the Green party representative present?

Having meetings with a few candidates largely attended by their own supporters is unlikely to help  an election. I also would like to know why I am being  denied the opportunity to  answer the false allegations made about me by the Advance candidate.

Radio Berkshire have said they want to hold an all candidates debate. I would urge the other four to accept this offer as I have done. I have not heard back from Radio Berkshire about where it is happening, though I was told it would be on December 11th.


  1. Graham Wheatley
    December 6, 2019

    I can’t help feeling that once they know you won’t be there, they will suddenly decide they do want to do it !

  2. Cliff. Wokingham
    December 6, 2019

    Hi John
    I received the Advance flyer yesterday, delivered by RM. It is nasty. It is a blatant personal attack and mentions nothing about their policies.
    One needs to look long and hard to actually find out who sent it.

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