The next local Plan

I am urging the Council to do more work on the housing target for the next local Plan. Before discussing where new homes might be placed we need to discuss and agree how many are needed. The new number would best be considerably lower.

We should define a sustainable rate and defend more of our green spaces and rural areas from development. There will need to be a negotiation with the government, but first we require an informed paper on how many is sustainable and how many are needed. I am happy to contribute to this but it will have to be an official document from the Council as the Planning Authority.


  1. Alan Jutson
    January 11, 2020

    This seems a sensible starting point.

    For a couple of decades now we have been giving planning permission to build too many houses, for the even modified infrastructure to cope.

    What with the above, and the increasing deterioration of our roads, through lack of sensible maintenance, which now require ever more road closures and temporary obstructions to complete, the quality of life in the area has decreased, and stress of moving about and even parking, has increased.

  2. Ian @Barkham
    January 11, 2020

    Sir John

    The planning system for Wokingham to date is backwards. By that I mean they permit house building and then ask the question, what is the minimum of infrastructure can we put in to cope with the increased population.

    Lets not forget Wokingham is not building for the needs of local residents, but as a way of inducing people into the are.

    A traffic roundabout is not infrastructure, that is bad planning. Traffic lights are not infrastructure that also is bad planning from the outset. Add the 2 together(roundabouts & traffic lights) and it shows how inept those task with the job are. Each device that hinders the flow of traffic also increases pollution – that is BAD.

    The Wokingham Council has no respect for those that choose to get from A to B on foot. In quite a few situations parents can no longer walk their children to school as they will get hit by cyclist. So they resort to the Car.

    I understand trying to encourage and make it safer for cyclist, but that should not be at the expense of the pedestrian. Simple rule of thumb, if a footway is only the width of a parent and child walking, it should never be permissible for the cyclist. Then factor in the electric bike and electric scooters that have grown in number around Wokingham wanting to use the same pedestrian footpath what chance of survival has the pedestrian got.

    Guess what Wokingham is having a referendum on all the above. If it goes against them will they abide by the majority or as the norm, ignore the majority. If the latter it begs the question of why waste taxpayers money.

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