Wokingham Cinema

I visited the new Wokingham Cinema on the edge of Elms Field on Saturday and was shown round.

It is an excellent new facility for the Town, with 3 screens. Each of the rooms have large comfortable seats with plenty of leg room. There is  a food and drink service and a large bar area

It is well worth a visit, with a range of up to date film releases available for your entertainment. I wish them well with the venture.


  1. Peter
    January 13, 2020

    I agree that it’s a nice cinema, but it’s a shame that we had to sacrifice 2/3 of Elms Field (which feels like a bit of a misnomer now – should be “Elms Park”) to housing and commercial developments to get it.

  2. Narrow Shoulders
    January 13, 2020

    Three whole screens?

    That level of demand does not reconcile with your next piece on Housing and Planning Sir John.

    That piece suggests Wokingham is full and could support many more than three screens.

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