M4 King Street Lane – Bridge Concrete Repairs

I have received the enclosed response from Highways England about the M4 King Street Lane – Bridge Concrete Repairs.

I have stressed the importance of this route to a local traffic system under great pressure and asked them to think again  about how they can minimise disruption.

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  1. Alan Jutson
    January 30, 2020

    It does not say how long this will take, but why could this not have been completed at the same time as the part 4 week closure of the new junction(for extra work) at the four way traffic lights, just before Christmas.

    This new junction is already causing traffic jams and delays with its new control system, with traffic often backing up both ways, to the Winnersh traffic lights (also 4 way lights) and the Bearwood mini roundabout.

    I shudder the think what will be the result when the new connection is eventually built from the A329 Motorway Bridge for the continuation of what is called a Relief Road.

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