Meeting with Heathrow over noise and airport development

I met the management of Heathrow again recently. They are consulting further on the development of the airport, and will early next year consult on possible flight path changes.

I reminded them of the noise increases constituents have experienced since the change of the Compton Gate and routes and pressed them again to change back. I also urged them to make faster progress with new technology that allows air traffic control to slow planes at distance from the airport to remove the need to stack over built up areas, with the extra noise and risk that entails. I also revisited the issue of on angles of descent and climb to get planes higher over Wokingham, and on work to reward airlines with quieter fleets and good conduct by pilots.

If you are troubled by noise report it to the Noise line at Heathrow, and put in your views to the airport over how in future we need less intensive routes over us and other measures to ensure quieter flights.