Congestion issues

Out and about and on  doorsteps I find congestion is the most common concern. The combination of new traffic lights, road closures for utility renewal and road closures for new homes and related works are delaying too many people trying to take children to school, to get to work or get to the shops.

The advent of new lights on King Street Lane for the junction  with the Winnersh by pass has created new delays. I have asked the Council to rephrase those lights from four way to two way with filters, with the main flow north south having the longest time in  the complete phase to reflect traffic patterns.

The main crossroad lights in Winnersh with the A 329 and B3030 should be converted to two way with filters from four way, which would increase the capacity of the junction considerably. The Council should also consider re phasing of the lights on Wellington Road and by the station as this too is a bottleneck.

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  1. Alan Jutson
    February 10, 2020

    You are certainly correct about 4 way lights at Winnersh and King Street Lane.

    Do you know what is proposed for the new entrances and exits onto the A329 either side of the Motorway Bridge, where and when the so called relief road is eventually completed.

    So many sets of lights in such a short distance.?

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