Visit to Royal Berkshire Hospital

I visited Royal berks recently and held a meeting with the Chief Executive.

I asked him about Coronavirus preparations, where he confirmed the need for people to self isolate and ring 111. There are contingency plans for those needing treatment.

We also discussed the preparation of a business plan for the development of the hospital, as it is listed as hospital for potential  substantial capital investment.

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  1. Alan Jutson
    March 8, 2020

    Visited the hospital myself last week to visit a patient.

    Noted no soap in the public toilets (opposite the restaurant), so had to wash hands with just clear water, few hand sanitiser jell dispensers in most public corridors, did not notice one at the entrance to the restaurant, but still plenty of sanitiser on the wards.

    Travelled in by bus, so hands could have been contaminated from Public transport handrails etc right up until I was in the ward, had I not had my own jell with me !

    Such basic faults, so little money and management time to notice and correct.

    Also noticed from the Ward window (level 3), emergency roof covering to most flat roofs was just that emergency plastic which was holding standing water/ponding and not draining away.

    Hope the plans for the complete rebuilding of this hospital not too far away.

    Getting rid of the old Battle hospital was a huge error, and I said so to the chief executive at the time, because the plan to expand RBH gave no extra beds at all in a very fast population growing area.

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