Issues with coaches

I have recently heard from a local coach company of the difficulties imposed by new government regulations on coach operators.

The company concerned had bought a new coach fleet to comply with low emissions standards, only be told that there is now an additional requirement to make all coaches accessible for wheelchair users. The company concerned on contract work supplies a coach that is wheel chair compatible when that is needed but does not have this capability on all coaches as many contract routes do not need it.

The coach industry also tells me that electric coaches are around one third dearer than diesel coaches, and have limited range. There are concerns that these will become compulsory before the range and recharging issues are properly resolved. This would make it difficult for coach companies to carry out certain return routes or excursions, given the mileage involved. It also places some services at risk were a coach to be delayed in a traffic jam, using up power on air conditioning, windscreen wipers, radio, lights etc.


  1. Mike Cross
    March 17, 2020

    It would be beneficial to the country if electric coaches hired by green demonstrators could consistently run out of power halfway to demonstrations against the use of fossil fuels for transportation. Preferably in mid-winter.

  2. Ian
    March 17, 2020

    Going back to the article on Coaches and battery power.

    Our garage owner does LPG conversions, if you look in the fore courts next time you fill up you are likely to notice.

    Keeping our eyes open we can also see many commercial vehicles, on the road also now on LPG.

    This is a very clean fuel, and is very kind towards our engines, it keeps our engines and our engine oil very clean for a very much longer time .

    It also takes you no extra time to fill up.

    So why the rush for Batteries.
    Why the potential scraping of perfectly good cars , diesels and petrol to suddenly go electric.

    Just how many extra power stations will the Chinese have to build for us, to replace the energy we get from Fossil Fuels.
    What colossal waste of assets.
    Talk about built in obsolescence and trying to get stuff to last longer?
    Lithium ion batteries, how long before that runs out, we will have painted ourselves into a very expensive corner ?

    Yes I know We are looking after the planet, What with all that waste.

    Just when did you hear balanced arguments on the television ?
    Perhaps it is time that we insist on having just such a thing , no more BBC politics please.

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