Letter to the Leader of Wokingham Borough Council proposing more volunteering

Whilst the reason for the immediate increase in funding is not one we welcome, the government has made £1.6bn available to Councils to handle the virus and boost social care, and a further £1.3bn to free hospital beds . I have been pressing for more social care funding for sometime, and trust Wokingham’s share of this will help.

One thing the Council could assist with, given this extra cash, is the promotion and organisation of Volunteer efforts to help in the current crisis. Volunteers could be recruited to help the elderly and vulnerable with their daily shopping when they are protecting themselves by staying at home. Volunteers can also help combat loneliness for those who are isolated, through telephone and internet communications to keep them in touch. I would be grateful if the Council could assist by  co-ordinating volunteer responses.

Please let me know how Council organisation is getting on with these challenges. Freeing hospital beds is particularly important and strengthening social care is a good in itself.