Reading murders

I send my condolences to the families of the three people murdered yesterday evening in a series of senseless stabbings. It is difficult to find words to console in such a dreadful circumstance.
I am glad many others evaded the planned mass slaughter and grateful to the emergency services for their interventions.

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  1. Ian
    June 21, 2020

    Dreadful business, this stabbing whish probably came about by the stopping of Stop and Search that has gone on this last 12 months, I feel it is a perceived weakness that people pick up on, plus the police do not feel they will be supported by this weak Government, and who can blame them, it was exactly the same with The defacing of Our statues.

    No one has been picked up by the police and charged, the law was broken, yet nothing done
    Weakness again.
    Surely this is the worst bunch that have ever sat in our Parliament, apart from the last lot

    Nothing will ever change unless everyone in Both Houses, and all the civil servants are thrown in jail .
    Or The cheapest way would be to bring back Capital punishment
    Just to say also that this disgraceful Government is still allowing the illegal trade in immigrants To carryon , more weakness.
    What chance us getting out of the EU

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